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Dallas vs. Philly 2009

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  • Dallas vs. Philly 2009

    I have this game on DVR and watched it tonight... a few things stood out to me.

    1) Miles Austin had a freaking amazing year and showed why Parcells and Co really believed he could be a BIG TIME guy in this league. This game really showed his ability to snatch the ball out of the air and make use of his great athleticism.

    2) Mike Jenkins has the ability to be a top 5 CB in the league, but without a decent safety, he will continue to struggle with zone coverage and other coverages where he is relying on safety help. We just thought Ken Hamlin was a poor free safety, he was a TON better than Ball was last year.

    3) Although Witten had a great year, I believe we run the ball much better in 2010 if John Phillips doesn't get hurt. He showed the ability on several of Felix's nice runs to seal the edge against some pretty talented Eagle defensive players. Witten and Phillips (Witten Jr.), our offensive right side would have been much better. Phillips >+++ Bennett.

    4) Speaking of Felix, he is a true number one. Must get this guy Jamal Charles type touches, 20-30 a game, both handoffs and in space. With Choice providing quality rest, you can use Felix as a true number one. He showed in 2010 he can handle it, and looks great hitting the hole in this Philly game.

    5) Who will be our next Doug Free? This guy sat for a few years, learned, and developed into a quality player. This is how a 4th round pick supposed to work. A guy who can fill in at RT and no one even realized he was there. At least not in a negative way. Then he flips over and plays a great season at LT. Whatever we do in this draft, we need to find a guy like this who can develop into a quality depth guy in 2012 and potentially work into a starting roll by 2014. If we get a top tier tackle, this might be a moot point. But given Jerry's past, I doubt we take a top tier tackle. So once again, I ask who will be our next Doug Free?
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    Originally posted by UTPATS View Post
    5) Who will be our next Doug Free? This guy sat for a few years, learned, and developed into a quality player.
    Unfortunately, with our scouting, players like Free are more an anormally than a regular occurance.

    We've had such bad drafts recently, that there aren't a lot of candidates that look ready to step up and be a solid contributor, like Free has.

    Most likely? I'd say Orlando Scandrick ought to be able to take over for Terrence Newman either this year (you know, when Newman gets hurt), or next year.



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