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Our real problem at safety.

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  • Our real problem at safety.

    No, this is not going to be a rant against Roy Williams, but this is something I have noticed recently that very few actually belive or take into consideration.

    The 2 years Roy was his best was with Darren Woodson, since then we have gone through at least 5 guys opposite him. Those guys include; Lynn Scott, Keith Davis, Tony Parrish, Tony Dixon, Pat Watikins, and there is another guy I can not recall his name. Now we are going to have Ken Hamlin. How does this make us better? Switching the guy opposite of Roy almost 2 times a year can not help him with the chemistry that is needed for players to gel with each other.
    Yes, I understand that Davis, Dixon, and Parrish werent much different from the style of play that Williams likes to play, and Scott was far from being a pro bowl player. I do not see what was so wrong with using Pat Watkins back there even though he made rookie mistakes. He was a 5th round pick and is expected to make a lot of mistakes and be a depth guy. So he was shoved into a role no one has been able to fill for a few years, much like the Quarterback Position until Romo after Aikman, and play great. He played well but he was a rookie. He was playing the position that has to direct everyone around the whole field, because Roy doesn't do that. And I can bet that he would have to feel a little weird going over to Roy Williams a pro bowl saftey and saying your not lined up right and you need to backup. Or much less yelling across the field to him to move around and such.
    Bringing Hamlin in makes the problem even worse, it will be at least the 7th guy ( I just remembered Marcus Coleman got playing time in practice and Pre-season) to try and replace Woodson in less then 5 years. Who knows he may end up fixing the "D" and then will want huge amounts come free agency much like Columbo.
    The option we should have gone with is let Watkins be the starter, let Bowels work with him some more, let him and Roy get more comfortable with each other, and most of all give him more time to mature and feel comfortable being able to yell at a guy who has been in the league longer and tell him he is wrong.

    Just my thoughts on the situation take it for what it is worth.

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    Remember, Woodson wasn't that great of a cover safety either, but his leadership, insticnts and smarts got him and roy lined up and in a position to succeed. Hamlin has all of those things, that is why I think he will be fine.


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      No doubt that is one part of the problem.


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        Maybe I am on my own on this one, but do either of you (I am asking D-Unit and TNewFan41, but anyone else is free to answer me) think part of the problem is the pass rush?

        I am starting to feel like I am crazy!!! I have never played football at a professional level, and won't say I have. But when I did play, I played cornerback and punt returner. When someone was harassing the quarterback, I was a good cornerback. When they couldn't get near him, everyone in our secondary was usually in trouble (Some more than others, admitedly).

        Maybe I just sucked!!!!???!!!! But I don't think so. I think interceptions, knocked down passes and all of the things defensive backs make the highlight reels for are largely because someone up front did something right.

        So you guys tell me, am I crazy or what? No one talks about the pass rush sucking. I think it was bad, and the only people I would exclude from this would be Ware and Ellis.

        And one more opinion. Don't be a punt returner!!!!!!! I got suckered into that, and that is an injury waiting to happen.
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