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  • Cowboys Interested in Turner?

    Chargers' Turner being pursued by Bills, Cowboys, Titans, Jets

    By Kevin Acee

    March 31, 2007

    The Chargers are dealing with four suitors for backup running back Michael Turner, sources said, and Turner's agent has spoken with at least one of those teams in hopes of getting a long-term deal done.

    Buffalo, Dallas, Tennessee and the New York Jets have shown interest in acquiring the restricted free agent. All appear willing to part at least with a first-round draft pick, but sources indicated the Chargers are still seeking two picks – in the first and third rounds.

    The New York Giants, who need a running back, also could enter the fray before next month's draft. A source said yesterday that contrary to numerous media reports, the Green Bay Packers have not shown interest in Turner.

    Turner and his agent, Bus Cook, will have much say in where Turner ends up. No team is going to give up draft picks for Turner, 25, without first securing a long-term deal with him.

    “I know in our mind what it's going to take to get him signed,” Cook said yesterday.

    The agent denied contact with any teams, but multiple sources said he had spoken with at least one of the interested clubs. That is believed to be the Bills, who pick 12th in the first round and have two third-round picks.

    The tender the Chargers placed on Turner earlier this month requires any team that signs him to a free-agent deal to give the Chargers a first-and a third-round pick. The Chargers would also have the right to match any offer Turner received, but with league MVP LaDainian Tomlinson as their starting tailback, they would instead take the draft picks.

    As General Manager A.J. Smith knew it would be, the first-and-third tender has been too steep for potential suitors. While Smith is content to keep Turner (at a cost of $2.35 million for the 2007 season) as a fill-in and insurance, he is willing to trade Turner for the right price.

    According to sources, the Chargers could be open to a first-rounder this year and a third-rounder next year, or a third this year and a first next year. Any team signing Turner as a free agent would have to give up the first and third in this year's draft, which would nearly wipe out the first day of its draft.

    Smith declined to comment other than to say the price “is a one and a three right now. I'm flexible to all thoughts.”

    Turner has not been attending the Chargers' voluntary workouts the past two weeks for fear of injuring himself before a trade can be worked out.

    The Chargers would lose Turner for virtually nothing after the '07 season. On the other side, Turner and Cook also must decide whether they want to risk injury while playing out this season.

    Rivers progress

    Philip Rivers is limping but doing it in a tennis shoe, and he expects to be full-go at the team's minicamp the first weekend of May.

    “I'm doing everything but run,” he said of his participation in the team's voluntary workouts. “I could run, but there's no reason to push it.”

    Rivers, who sprained his right foot in the regular-season finale and reinjured it in the team's playoff game, was in a cast for more than a month and then a protective boot until March 16.

    “I was a little nervous because you never know,” Rivers said. “But I 100 percent will be ready by May 4.”

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    What sense would it make for Dallas to pursue Turner??????

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      Probably just checking the waters...seeing what the value is...esspecially with the rumors flying that JJ is available for the right price. Dallas is just using Turner as a gauge is my guess.


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        Wade phillips D had to play against turner everyday in practice...Maybe Wade knows he's the man...Turner is a really good RB...i was upset when the cowboys drafted Julius infront of him...i think if there is a deal,im definately not saying i want it or we need it,we would give up JJ or Barber,swap 1st's with them and give them a 4th, possibly a late rounder as well.

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          They are asking for too much. If its not broken don't fix it. Hell, I wouldn't trade my first for him because we DO have Jones and Barber. If Jones isn't on the team next year, I'd rather give the starting job to Barber and see what he can do first.
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            Please no. I hope Jerry is just testing the waters as thule hinted. But we do need to lock down a RB long term soon, because Julius is a FA next year, and barber in 2.


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              last time we gave up a first for a player (2 for Galloway) it was a total disaster I think Jerry learned his lesson.


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                For our sake I hope he did.


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                  Turner is a real good player and what r we going to do next year when jones contract is up?
                  just rely on barber? Wade proly knows hes a stud he played his D against him every day at practice. if youre good against SD D youre proly a good player.
                  Maybe Barber is good, Jones doesnt see him as starter material. I think with Turner and Barber splitting time that could be deadly. Or maybe just turner alone, he runs a 4.4 and is nearly dont come across those often.

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                    WHY MESS WITH SUCCESS!!
                    Julius did have 1000 Yards Barber did have 17 TDs. Who cares about this Turner guy Julius and Barber are better than this guy. We have developed J.J. for three years now and his forth year he will probably break out. I don't care what "potential" this Turner guy has we have our young guns in the Backfield. Jones and Barber best combo in the NFL DON'T MESS WITH SUCCESS!!


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                      Hey 22,895 are you really a good WR? Or is that a joke in your sig?


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                        I don't mind if all they did was see how much. That said...

                        DO NOT WANT


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                          Julius has been a let down to this point. he's been mediocre, but after his 1st year everyone was talking about stardom. he's underachieved. turner has been a good player as well. he hasnt had the shot that JJ has had. I wouldnt be mad either way, but Turner is an all around package. i would rather have JJ and turner or turner and barber than just JJ and barber. i think the whole reson behind this is that the cowboys dont have faith in JJ as the #1 guy of our future. he proly wont be resigned next year. you dont shop JJ if he's your dont see anyone else shopping their starter for the future do you?

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                            Gotta see what Julius does this year. During his first two seasons, Jones was making a ton of sick cuts that made you say "wow." He moves very fast laterally which makes him look like hes gliding over air. But this past season all we saw was him running into piles. Last season it almost looked like he was playing not to get hurt. I think Jones could go back to what he was used to doing now that Parcells isn't here.

                            I still think a 1st and a 3rd is too much for Turner. Yes he plays against a good defense in practice, but he also has one of the best o-lines in football. Also he's playing behind LT. When they were up by a ton of points, they put Turner in against teams that already gave up in the game.
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                              no reason to trade for a RB



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