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    Post your thoughts on the schedule here:

    NYG (Sun Night)
    @Chicago (Sun Night)
    St Louis
    @Buffalo (Mon Night)
    New England
    @Phily (Sun Night)
    NYJ (Thursday)
    GB (Thursday)
    @Car (Sat Night)
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    We have the most nationally televised games (7) which is no suprise.

    3 of 4 on the road late in the season could be tough, but all our road games are doable. Only @Chicago is tough, but I think we match up well with them so should be a fun game early in the season, especially for some of the more vocal posters on this board . I think as always its going to depend on the division games as to where we end up.
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      Not a bad schedule, I like NE at home and Chicago before it gets cold in Chicago. No cold weather games in December with NYG and Philly away games early in the year.

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      Originally posted by DMWSackMachine
      I just wanna warn you guys not to take TNew41 too seriously. He's....let's just say, special. He's fairly harmless, though. He just needs several years of seasoning before he tries to make any more points, is all.


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        Sept. 9, NY Giants (NBC), 7:15 p.m.
        Sept. 16, at Miami (FOX), 3:05 p.m.
        Sept. 23, at Chicago (NBC), 7:15 p.m.
        Sept. 30, St Louis (FOX), Noon
        Oct. 8, at Buffalo (ESPN), 7:30 p.m.
        Oct. 14, New England (CBS), 3:15 p.m.
        Oct. 21, Minnesota (FOX), Noon
        Oct. 28, BYE
        Nov. 4, at Philadelphia (NBC), 7:15 p.m.
        Nov. 11, at NY Giants (FOX), 3:15 p.m.
        Nov. 18, Washington (FOX), Noon
        Nov. 22, NY Jets (CBS) 3:15 pm
        Nov. 29, Green Bay (NFLN) 7:15 p.m.
        Dec. 9, at Detroit, (FOX) Noon
        Dec. 16, Philadelphia, (FOX) 3:15 p.m.
        Dec. 22, at Carolina, (NFLN) 7:15 p.m.
        Dec. 30, at Washington, (FOX), Noon

        While I am pleased we have seven games on national TV, I have to temper that enthusiasm by noting that two of those games are going to be on the NFL Network. Which means a three-hour trip back home from school in order to watch them. Or perhaps I could meet some new friends.

        Of particular interest to me, however, are the two games that end the season. I've been contemplating seeing the Cowboys live for quite some time now, and I settled on either @ Redskins (Because I may move to Washington at the conclusion of the Fall semester) or @ Panthers (because I live two hours from Charlotte.) Now I've been placed in the unenviable position of deciding which important, late-season game I want to attend.

        Both of which will be cold as hell.
        Both of which occur at a ridiculously bad time.
        Both of which will cost me an arm and a leg.

        We'll see.


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          yeah not a bad schedule. A lot of those teams will be pretty competitive, but we should match up well against them.

          Looking forward to the game at Chicago, because I should be there.


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            Neither Carolina nor Washington in December is a cold weather outing as compared to Philly, NYG, NE, etc.

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            Originally posted by DMWSackMachine
            I just wanna warn you guys not to take TNew41 too seriously. He's....let's just say, special. He's fairly harmless, though. He just needs several years of seasoning before he tries to make any more points, is all.


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              I think its a favorable schedule. I like the chicago game early in the season, the bye week is a good date and all the national TV games


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                No, of course not, but cold weather in Carolina or D.C. at that time of the year is certainly possible. I'd even venture to say that a cold D.C. game is probable.


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                  Great point about the bye, its about time we got a near half way point bye week instead of week 3 or 4. I think its a nice advantage to have because by week 8 you know pretty much what you have as a team and what you need to work on, and by that time people are pretty beaten down and the week off can be used to rest and heal up.


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                    After further examination of the schedule, I am REALLY digging it.

                    Like LSU indicated earlier, we have NO cold weather games besides Washington on Dec. 31, and that's not even a sure bet.

                    Secondly, the week 8 bye is a godsend. No more early season byes.

                    I'd like to draw your attention to Weeks 11 - 14. On the 18th of November, we host the Redskins. Four days later, we host the Jets for the Thanksgiving game.

                    After that, we have a full week to prepare for the Packers, who we play on Thursday on NFL network. Then, we have 10 days to prepare for the Lions on December 9th. I'm sure the 'Boys will want to bring their "A" game to compensate for the horrible showing last year.


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                      Great schedule. Most nationally tevelvised games in the NFL (7), YAY! Oh and the Giants game is Sunday Night, not Monday.

                      Not to mention the last 7 weeks NBC picks the sunday night games, and we will definitly have 1 or 2 transferred to sunday night. No doubt the week 14 game against Philly is on Sunday Night.
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                        The Jet's game really worries me.


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                          Really? I actually think the Jets are going to be around a 6-10 to 7-9 team. They wnet 10-6 last year with a new head coach, crappy players, and smoke and mirrors. Kind of like a certain team of 2003....ANd then they came back to earth because of their players. I expect the Jets to be a big let down. They don't even have one start player. Not one. Vilma and Rhodes are good, but not elite.


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                            I don't know, looks to me like a Ass Hard Schedule. DET looks to be the only breather, but that's what I thought last year. And no Cardinals?


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                              Thought i'd have a little fun and write out my early, early, early pre-draft prediction. This is me being totally unbiased here.

                              NYG- recent history tells us that we're not the strongest week 1 team but, the Giants do not scare me without Tiki... doesnt matter who they replace him with, be it... Jacobs or if they are heavy on the tandem with Droughns... he/they are not Barber. Tiki is the Giants offense. We win. (1-0)

                              @Miami- Defense is gonna be fierce but, give Romo time and we wont have a problem beating them through the air. (2-0)

                              @Chicago- This one should be a heart thumper... Really could go either way here but, I'll stick with the better of the two last season...Bears win a close one. (2-1)

                              St Louis- This one has high scoring written all over it... Another battle but, I think our weapons outlast theirs. (3-1)

                              @Buffalo- J.P. has made strides but, that defense has lost too much... I think we blow them out. (4-1)

                              New England- Ugh...Not looking forward to this one... luckily it's at home but, the more experienced Brady will have his boys prepared... i can see us getting beat up a little in this one. (4-2)

                              Minnesota- I think any Wade Phillips D would have no problem taking down this Vikes O... we win relativaly easily. (5-2)


                              @Phily- The Division Champs on the road... I can hear the T.O. sucks chants already... Their gonna be scary this year... with a healthy Mcnabb and the addition of Takeo Spikes but... i think our team comes in hot and ready off the bye...T.O. gets a little revenge in this one and we ride a three game winning streak into New York. (6-2)

                              @NYG- NY is always good for one... I think they cool us off a bit here. Splitting the season series (6-3)

                              Was- Far from sold on Mr. Campbell... Portis can only carry the team so far... we win this one. (7-3)

                              NYJ- The biggest fraud in the NFL last season... hey my hats off to them, they overacheived but, there schedule was a bit of a joke last season. I dont see them repeating that same success and I dont foresee a win for them against our stronger team. (8-3)

                              GB - Romo faces his idle... Skill vs. Will. Should be fun to watch and I wouldnt be too surprised if this is a nail biter... but, once again we take it. (9-3)

                              @Det- The ole trap game...The Lions... beat us last year in a game we should have had... Our more prepared defense will not give up 39 points again... We blow them out this time around. (10-3)

                              Phily- After three straight games against some of the leagues lesser opponents... we get a real test at home. Mcnabb has his team well prepared as always and beat us in front of the home crowd. (10-4)

                              @Car- Last season we had no problem with these guys... Talent wise they are right there with us... Probably more so than us. Should be another fantastic Smith/Newman battle and that is exactly what this game is gonna be... a battle. Panthers need it more and want it more and barely edge us out by a field goal. (10-5)

                              @Was- Having already clinched a playoff birth... Romo sees little action in this one, Mr. Johnson comes in and performs beautifully in a close game against an uninspired Redskins team having little to play for. (11-5)

                              Thanks BoneKrusher^

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