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  • Originally posted by herniateddisc View Post
    I think Dez does what most rookie WR do in their first year -- very little.

    Man crush for a rookie not a RB is premature to say the least.
    I think he is going to be on of the exceptions...obviously production in our offense isn't going to be big for a #2 or #3 guy like Dez is however I think he'll play like a man amongest boys.

    I'm seeing Fitzgerald/Roy Williams/Anquan Boldin type player. Someone that comes in from the start and plays like a man. He's no Robert Meachem or Troy Williamson...he's gonna be a stud...but I'll wait to see him in a game before I start his HOF campaign speach. /sarcasm


    • **** **** **** **** **** i hate jason garrett


      • That just might be the stupidest play I have ever seen

        The greastest team of all time...The OKLAHOMA SOONERS!!!


        • This really is a stupid team.

          Incredible but not surprising.


          • In addition to the obvious, what kills me is they are moving the ball by doing certain things and they kill flow by running plays for Dez which require him to break a tackle for yardage.

            Every time Austin gets the ball -- first down. Yet we never force the ball to him but to the new new new toy toy. Dez 6 targets?

            We run the ball up the gut pretty well but we simply stop running it. How many carries for Felix? 1 or 2?

            Garrett is just an idiot. Hint: You don't need to balance the offense if you can move the ball running two or three plays.
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            • Garrett shoulda left with Stewart...both guys were over their heads...Garrett might have the makeup of a head coach...but his inability to gameplan and adjust is just elementary. Best word I can think to use to define him is Hubris.


              • Jason has bad judgment.


                • Hahahaha it just keeps getting better

                  The greastest team of all time...The OKLAHOMA SOONERS!!!


                  • Since Parcells' days, this cast of players is very very mistake prone.

                    3 defensive offsides in one game for 3 first downs? RU Kidding me?

                    3 PI for first downs.


                    No sacks.

                    No turnovers.

                    Can I take back my prediction????? I thought this team would be very mature and game savvy but ...... more of the same. Killer mistakes.
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                    • Dez Bryant has showed nothing so far. As soon as he catches a ball (when not misjudging it) he falls to arm tackles.

                      Very frustrating to see us running plays to players who don't produce. Add the throw to Roy Williams where he gave up to Carlos Rogers's physicality.

                      Skins doing their best to give us the game.
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                      • Back in it. The D has been very good, hope we can shut them out from here on!!

                        The greastest team of all time...The OKLAHOMA SOONERS!!!


                        • Dez has done an excellent job at recognizing blitz's presnap and running smoke routes...thats impressive imo for someone whos biggest concern coming into the season was ability to digest the playbook.


                          • I'm not even worried...a little enraged at the moment. But I still cant see this team playing this ****** week after week.

                            Barron is a waste of oxygen.

                            Thanks BoneKrusher^

                   (the man)
                            KO KNOWS


                            • We just lost to one of the 5 worst teams in the NFL.

                              Their Pass D is not very good. Romo makes two throws IN STRIDE to Austin and he goes for 2 TDs.

                              We just have a Tackle who is a walking flag. Makes Flo look good.


                              • My game notes:

                                1) Too much personnel being used on Offense. JG classic.
                                2) Cut Barron
                                3) Run the ball more between Tackles with Choice and Felix
                                4) Just throw Miles the ball please. 20-30 times per game
                                5) As said, unless RW is in the end zone don't throw to him
                                6) Witten? Is he playing?
                                7) D still does not generate turnovers.

                                This team believes its press to much. They needs to be whipped every day and told they suck so as they play with attitude. That includes berating JG every day for trying to be cute.



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