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  • I hacked someone's account? BWAAA .......


    • Originally posted by dan77733 View Post
      Are any of you guys still happy that Roy Williams is still a Cowboy instead of Patrick Crayton??? LMFAO!!!!!
      Let me build a biggggggg STRAWMAN so I can knock it down and make myself look real strong and smart.


      • Andre Johnson is having an MRI on his ankle... boy would that be a blessing. We can only pray.. hahaha.


        • By reading the blogs it is pretty obvious the national media is catching on to what a fraud Garrett is an dhow badly Wade gets out coached routinely.


          • Redskins may very well be the class of the division, so that's not saying much about the division. Vick looked great, but they still just barely managed to beat the Lions. And holy hell do the Giants look shaky. We're still alive. Who knows? 9-7 may win you a divisional crown this season.

            We dont have many bright spots so far...but I'd def like to give a little love to...Free, Miles, Dez, Ware, Spencer, and yes Romo.

            Some crock writer just bashed the hell out of him on the dmn blog. Tony is playing pretty damn well for having no O-Line, no running game, and a ******** play caller. He cant do everything.
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            • Oh and Mike Jenkins' X-Rays were negative. He came out flat all game...maybe he just wanted to get out of there. :/

              Still, dodged a bullet. Newman, Scandrick, and god knows who at nickel sounds awful.

              Witten did have a concussion...who knows what his status is for next week. We have no TEs as it is. :( Bennett looked good down the stretch.
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              • I haven't been around much this off season, as I've struggled to drum up sufficient faith to produce any enthusiasm for this season, despite the obvious proliferation of talent on the team. Today you saw why.

                Long time contributors will remember me being firmly opposed to the hiring of Wade Phillips. They will also remember me suggesting we fire him after losing to the Giants in 2007, after the season ending debacle in 08 (culminating with 44-6), and again during last season, even after we caught fire to finish the season. This team has taken on the personality of its coach. They have the speed, strength, power and skill to win the Lombardi. But they have neither the head nor the heart. We make the dumbest mistakes at the worst times, and we don't come out with the intensity that you have to have to maintain a consistently high level of play.





                How many more weeks, months and years of potentially good football are we going to waste on this ******* idiot? He earned his walking papers a long time ago. Moreso, he never earned the right to coach this team in the first place. He is the kind of coach that gives you an excellent shot to make the playoffs, but ZERO chance to win once you're there. He has done the worst possible thing any single person could do to me as a fan (in football parlance): he's made me not want to watch my team.

                **** you Wade Phillips. **** you right to hell.
                Originally posted by 21ST
                He was protecting his self
                Originally posted by tjsunstein
                From what? His leg?
                Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
                That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
                "We're the quiet guys, the guys before the storm. And then we hit you."

                DeMarcus Ware


                • :P
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                  • I love how differently someone can see certain situations.

                    DMW I'm on the other side. I think Wade is competent enough to win a championship. Think about this for a 2nd. Wade has been the full time DC for the past 20 games. Only 4 games have our opponents scored more than 20 points in a game.

                    Wades a bad coach. To put those numbers into perspective when Brian Stewart was calling the defense in 2008...weeks 1-9 before Wade took over we allowed over 20 points in 6 games....this team is better because of wade phillips on the defensive side of the ball.

                    I'm sure the argument is going to be...Wade Phillips is a better coach than Brian Stewart...blah blah idc we are the Dallas Cowboys we deserve better. So let me go a bit deeper.

                    Try to place yourself in Wade's shoes for just one second. You want to be a head coach and you have a great opportunity to do so with a ton of talent in dallas. The catch is you get no say over the weigh you options but in the end you think Jason Garrett is extremely intelligent and has a bright future you take the gig.

                    Fast forward losing most of the staff that was in place before you...this isn't a big deal...but look at who was brought in on the offensive side of the ball that had ties to Wade....Wes Phillips offensive quality control...anyone else?

                    My point is no matter how good of a coach Wade Phillips is or isn't he is underminded by the pre-hiring of Jason Garrett. I hate to sound cliche...but the term "you're only as strong as your weakest link" really seems to fit here. Phillips defense is proven effective. It generates pressure and is a bit of a bend but don't break defense...don't give up big plays. This is a great defense and it's proven and backed up by stats.

                    Now here is my problem with what you are saying.
                    This team has taken on the personality of its coach. They have the speed, strength, power and skill to win the Lombardi. But they have neither the head nor the heart. We make the dumbest mistakes at the worst times, and we don't come out with the intensity that you have to have to maintain a consistently high level of play.
                    Wade is known around the league as being extremely smart and knowing what he knows. I don't get how a dumbfounded play can be because of Wade Phillips. Obviously I understand mistakes come from not being coached up...but for example...Igors late hit on the that Wades fault...that is a heat of the moment play...cornerbacks not making plays on the ball is about the biggest thing you could knock Wade for and unfortunetly this team has proven over the past 5 years that we can't play zone. We get picked apart and for whatever reason we lack the awareness when we go that route. Wade brought in Jenkins and Scandrick both guys who've always excelled in people want to make a big deal out of no turnovers that fine. But remember punts and missed field goals are also turnovers. Stops on 4th downs are turnovers.

                    Finally let me get to my point.

                    When anything on this team goes wrong it's Wades fault...but in reality is it? If Wade went to Jerry tomorrow and said I want jason off of play calling duties does anyone actually think that would fly. Maybe moreso now..but how about in the offseason...Jerry would laugh in his face and probably start rambling off numbers about how prolific Jasons offense is.

                    However this isn't new to anyone here especially you. You win championships in the NFL by playing as a team. This means the players and the strategy. Who in their right mind thinks that Wade Phillips wants a high flying offense? Tony Romo has threw the ******* ball 100 times in 2 games. Think about is going on here. Dallas OL can't run block...fix it...draft someone...we have the talent to run it's a breakdown of coaching and play calling. While Wade has the ability to go there...he wasn't exactly put in the position to do that from the start. When we saw the clip in the war room 2 years ago and Garrett wanted to go Felix over Mendenhall I know we didn't see everything..but anyone else think that perhaps not only does Jerry Jones like shinny things..but also that Garrett gets excited over having new toys and sells jerry on it even more?

                    Bottomline is this team won't win a championship until the whole team strategy meshes. This means that you have to play a wade phillips offense to go along with his defense. I'm not talking about bringing bum phillips out of retirement to run the offense and run sweeps all day. But what I mean is you can't judge Wade and blame everything on him when it's clear as night and day that this team wasn't built as one. Some pieces were here before he got here and he doesn't get to make big changes. You trying to tell me that Wade Phillips had any say over Roy Williams coming here. But think bout it on the other side of the arguement...can you see Jason Garrett objecting? Remember we are talking about a ivy league grad that has been taught his whole life that he can do anything he sets his mind too. With a little of MY help he thinks...Roy can get back to his 1000 yard season.

                    Now don't get me wrong I loved the Roy move when we made it. Hindsight 20/20 knowing we'd get dez the following year...Michael Oher would be super sexy...but obviously thats not the case.

                    While I don't think Wade is perfect I don't think he's gotten a fair shake from the start...and what he is directly responsible for I'm proud of. I love when we shut teams out...I love when we play ball control offense. I wish I could post the stats on average ppg for the opponent when we win the time of possession.

                    Do you know what our opponents average ppg is when we win the TOP? 12 points. 12...think about that for a min....all we have to do is score 2 td's and TOP and we win.

                    Hell score 3td's and we don't even need TOP anymore. My point is the problem on this team is not wade phillips. This defense has done nothing be improve since he was appointed DC...the offense has done nothing but get worse since Garrett took the reigns. I'm sorry but I just don't think Wade is the problem here.


                    • I haven't seen the game yet but I agree with thule. Since Phillips joined the Cowboys we won twice the division, got a first week bye and won our first playoff game in a decade. And the first year we lost at the last minute against a team which was totally on fire and went on to win the SB beating the at-the-time undefeated Patriots.

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                      • Our division is all 1-1. Time to make a statement against the texans and right the ship. Nothing else to do.


                        • Wade is weak and not in control.

                          Garrett is in over his head.

                          Jerrah just sits around trying to validate his bad decisions by constantly doubling up the bet.


                          • You guys know I'm a big supporter of Tony Romo...

                            having that said, there is something that he needs to get blamed for. The dude has tunnel vision on 3rd down in key moments of a game.

                            You just KNOW he's going to Witten 80% of the time in a tough situation. And teams have picked up on it too. How many times did we see drives stall on 3rd down yesterday bc he forced one to Witten on 3rd?

                            Too many times. I need to go back and watch the game again to confirm it, but I'm pretty sure he was forcing it in there on key 3rd downs.

                            And he's done that for a long while now. He has to get out of that mindset. When Witten went down, everyone and their mom knew it was going to Miles. It just so happens that Miles is a beast and Chicago has no CBs, so it didn't matter.

                            But that tunnel vision in key moments in the game has got to change.

                            And start Dez already.


                            • So yea....I thought 9-7 and a wildcard, and no telling once in the playoffs before the season started.

                              Seems like they'll struggle to get to 8 wins if they don't get something going here and soon. My gut tells me the Texans are going to stomp on their hearts and send them reeling into a bye. My heart tells me that they'll gut out a win and all will be right in the world only being a game back.

                              I don't know anymore, no more excuses. I LOVE wade, and have said that here many times. He's done wonders for this Defense, and normally I'd agree with Thule on Wade's position. I really don't know anymore. I wouldn't even mind this thing being blown up soon.

                              Soooo....not to jump the handle, Cowboys **** off the season and huge changes are due.

                              Who's the head coach for 2011-2012 of the Cowboys? We're looking at a vastly different NFC east for the next 5 years. With Shanny, and Coughlin's replacement(he's gone too), and Reid's Eagles team rebooting.


                              • Are we commiserating here this morning or just wallowing in the compounded miseries?

                                Plenty to wallow in, worst red zone offense in the league & that includes the worst FG kicker, Witten has a concussion & Romo was literally hanging his head down on the bench when the cameras were on him & he knew they were, quite a kodak moment for the Monday morning pprs.

                                We dont have many bright spots so far...but I'd def like to give a little love to...Free, Miles, Dez, Ware, Spencer, and yes Romo.
                                Yeah the OL rebounded somewhat if you subtract the false start penalties, you could tell Colombo had not played with that line in awhile, but they didn't give up sacks to Peppers & the Bears as expected. And Ware is still showing everyone he's the best as what he does in the NFL.

                                Roy Williams was actually doing pretty well until that strip. Since it was the last straw in the last 2 mins. it will be the slip that everybody remembers, Roy can't buy a break. Did anyone else notice they were holding him up for the strip? When I saw him upright & struggling I though Uh-oh, here it comes... when it rains, it pours. The rest of the league will see that on tape & think Royboy is strippable now, some corrective action measures need to be taken to minimize that risk with Williams.



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