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    He's one of my favorite players from this draft class. He sounds like a complete nut! haha!

    Just read this from the ranchreport forum... Hilarious.

    I talked to Deon Anderson at the Combine and thought I would share this story since he was drafted by Dallas. Deon was one of my favorite players at the Combine. He was a nice guy to talk to but make no mistake about it, he's not playing with a full deck. This guy is nuts. He told a story about the first time he covered kicks at UConn (Anderson is known as a great special teamer as I'm sure most of you know by now). The first time he ran down on a kickoff he had no idea what to do because he was filling in for someone. So he just started running while flapping his arms up and down and clucking like a chicken. He said people just looked at him like he was crazy and didn't know what to do, so he ran right by them and killed the ball carrier. "That's when I realized this special teams thing could be fun," Anderson said. "It was just another chance for me to hit someone."

    I also asked him about carrying the football and he said he would rather block. Deon said when he runs with the football he tends to try and avoid people to get extra yards. When he blocks he just hits the first person he sees. He then went on to tell me about a dream he had once where he blocked a guy for Syracuse and in his dream he hit him so hard that Anderson knocked the guy's head clean off his shoulders. Then when he was finished telling the story, he just started laughing. I'm talking laughing really hard for a good 20 seconds That's when I said to myself, "I love this freaking guy."

    Anyway, Anderson will most likely make the team which I'm sad to say means so long to my boy Oliver Hoyte. Oh well, Hoyte can always say he started a few NFL games. Maybe the Patriots will sign him, unless they trade for Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher tomorrow. They'll probably have to give up a sixth rounder for both guys.

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    Its hard not to like this guy. He is quickly becoming the one new guy i'll root hardest for in TC. Don't remember if this article was posted here or not, but if you haven't read it its a great story:,6084471.story


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      I love this pick also. He seems like the type that just plays football so he can hit people. :D


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        Nice Article jd! Wow... Now I'm REAALLY pulling for him! You can make a movie out of his story!



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