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Game 7: Denver- 13 Green Bay-19(OT)

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  • Game 7: Denver- 13 Green Bay-19(OT)

    Well this game was a weird one. I can't believe our pass D got beat that big twice. It was supposed to be our strength. Our defense proved their flashes of goodness against Pitt were a fluke, unfortunately. Offense looked decent I guess, but Kuper caused the fumble there on Cutler at the 1 that should have been a TD. Ah, well.

    Cutler's first, of hopefully many, times not throwing a pick. He's maturing in front of us. And he also lead ANOTHER late fourth Q drive, although we came up short in the end.

    Selvin Young looks VERY promising, his overall numbers weren't great, but he suffered from ATROCIOUS blocking most of the night. Which brings me to the next point...

    Our OL blows. Seriously. No explanation needed.

    Brandon Marshall is pretty beast after the catch. He's like a RB out there once it's in his hands. Loads of potential.

    Scheffler is much, MUCH better than Graham as a receiver. This is a big reason I wasn't too big a fan of the Graham signing. We could get a good blocker for way less, and Scheff is a great receiver.

    Stokely owns. It's clear he's Cutler's go to guy with Walker out of the lineup.

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    I hate out defense. Absolutely hate it.

    And our offense.. how many holding penalties can you ******* get!??

    Projected win total: 55+


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      Originally posted by Namy View Post
      And our offense.. how many holding penalties can you ******* get!??
      Not as many as our secondary.


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        Yeeeah, I'll admit now I was wrong about Graham. We should've just thrown that money at Patrick Kerney or Dewayne White, at least they would've had an impact on the team.

        I sure hope there's something in Henry's contract that makes him liable for his 3rd strike. I hope he doesn't get a dime. What a tard.


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          well i hated the game but there were a few things i liked.. take very lightly to the term "liked" btw...

          cutler - he looks so poised and accurate out there, dint throw a pick, threw into some very small windows, and took off to run when we needed him.

          selvin young - i thought a one year suspension of henry would really screw us over. well last night selvin young looked just as good as henry at some points and cutlerchris is right, the blocking was terrible.

          Brandon Marshall/Stokley - everyone at school told me the Broncos were gonna suck without Walker.. marshall and stokley (the slot machine) have been fine, and marshall is such a beast. he can pick up a few yards after the catch to. probably one of our top playmakers on the O. Stokley also stepped up very solidly.

          defensively, i cant say there were any big highlights.. a few times we stopped the run n that was it. our linebackers seemed like they couldnt get into the pass lanes and guys were wide open underneath. it was pretty terrible playcalling on the D.
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            That was payback for 97, you bastards.

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