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Game 9: Denver-27 Kansas City - 11

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  • Game 9: Denver-27 Kansas City - 11

    Since CC doesn't seem to be around...

    Good win for the boys. Arrowhead has always been a bad place for the Broncos.


    - Cutler started off very slow, which was expected given his injury and a ferocious pass rush from the Chiefs... speaking of which...

    - Our OL *must* protect the QB better. It's not just the young guys - Lepsis was beaten like a rented mule on some plays

    - The receiver corps was solid. Marshall looked great until he took the low blow. The Cutler-Scheffler connection is alive and well (still can't believe Shanny waited so long to get Scheff involved)

    - Selvin Young looked good *except* in the grind-it-out, clock-killer role towards the end of the game. Not sure why they don't bring in Sapp when they want to pound the ball.


    - forced 4 turnovers, could've had 6... definitely a nice change. Unfortunately, we can't count on playing against Huard every week (btw, he totally sucks)

    - only allowed 67 rushing yards, and 2 rushing first downs. Of course, LJ is out and Priest isn't exactly in his prime. Part of the success came from the fact that the LB's played like they cared... the inconsistency of this unit is probably what bothers me most about the team.

    - Crowder notched 2 sacks. Nice to see the kid improving.

    - Abdullah looked good out there... great to have him back. I'd be happy for him and Foxworth to start the rest of the season just to see if they are a real solution to the safety situation.

    - The one *big* caveat here is that we were playing against a Chief's OL that is having some major problems. The game against the Titans next week will be a real test, as they are solid along both lines.

    Special Teams:

    - Punt was blocked for a safety. Argh. Apart from that the kicking game was decent.

    - Finally found a returner in Andre Hall. Nothing spectacular, but he gets some yardage and I'm not in mortal terror of him fumbling the ball.

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