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With the 12th Pick in the 2008 draft the Denver Broncos select . . .

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    we have a lot of possibilities, which means we're a team with a lot of holes, which is depressing
    Now the only ones I take are the ones that I wear
    Ain't takin no shorts no more


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      Originally posted by njx9
      i hate when people suggest that a team should "just trade down" like office max makes an Easy Trade button or something. there is no guarantee that any other team would want to move UP in a relatively weak draft. there is no guarantee that we'd be able to get anything approaching value if we DID trade down.

      so, let's again assume that phillips isn't a top half value. who do we take in the top half? i have no interest in trading down to 20 to gain an extra 5th round pick or something equally worthless. as of right now, i don't see anyone who might be available at our pick that would prompt anyone to move up, especially if new england is also looking to move down.
      I'm sure there will be some player available at 12 that a team will want to move up to get, and trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick for. Sometimes I like the arguements you make, but sometimes you just go right over the top.
      No, it isn't a guarantee that we will be able to trade down, but the possibility exists. Lets face it, we need more picks in the early rounds of this draft. We need to pick up at least an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick IMO. A QB may prompt someone to move up, or maybe for Rivers, maybe for a WR available.
      I just think at 12, we are in an iffy situation. I don't want to spend that pick now on a safety who hasn't shown he is a playmaker, no DT will be worth that pick(assuming Dorsey and Ellis are gone), I would only want to take an OT at that spot if its Long or Clady(which probably will both be gone by then), and none of the LB's seem worth it for the Broncos to take at that high.


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        Originally posted by njx9
        so, let's again assume that phillips isn't a top half value. who do we take in the top half?
        Assuming there is no value at DT, OT and S (which seems to be the tone of the discussion), I'd think we'd look at:

        - Keith Rivers
        - Jonathan Stewart
        - DeSean Jackson
        - Dan Connor

        I'm sure some won't like the value at LB... but there is no issue in terms of talent, it's just they are somewhat devalued by the great depth at LB available in this draft. The offensive weapons are potential replacements for two of our more troubled Broncos...

        That being said, I don't really believe there can be no OT value at 12... someone good will be available for consideration (Otah, Williams, Baker, etc).

        ... oh, and never underestimate the Florida connection. Someway, somehow Derrick Harvey might find his way into a Broncos jersey... ;)


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          half a lie

          "A glass half empty is indeed half full, but half a lie will never be half the truth"

          Let us just take a second to realize that the draft is a LONG way away. The combine is less than one month and as we all know, players rise and fall significantly prior to, during, and after the combine.

          I think we all agree 12th pick is an unfortunate position, we are truely slightly pregnant. This draft does not appear to be so deep at this time that "elite" value seems clearly available at 12; as such, why would someone trade up to number 12, conversely, what value is attainable for trading out of number 12.

          I see 6 elite players in this draft (in no particular order), at this time:

          1. Darren McFadden RB
          2. Chris Long DE
          3. Glenn Dorsey DT
          4. Sedrick Ellis DT
          5. Jake Long OT
          6. Matt Ryan QB

          I see a few players that are not elite but one or two of them could move into this elite status depending upon draft numbers, workout, and simple PR (as in buzz):

          1. Ryan Clady OT
          2. Vernon Gholston DE
          3. Mike Jenkins CB
          4. Kenny Phillips S
          5. Brian Brohm QB (very doubtful)

          As has been articulated on this thread, what team realistically wants to give up its first and second round pick (or even 1st and 3rd )to move up a few spaces to take Michael Oher or Rashard Mendenhall. . . Dan Snyder on the phone Coach Shanahan??

          Shanahan, the GM, always seemingly believes the glass is half full. As such, our exegesis is academic as he could reach for someone. I just fear he reaches for the likes of Calais Campbell (sixe), Derrick Harvey (another Florida D-line) or Dan Connor (not a value at 12's signing price). I hope I am wrong.

          The quote incidentially, not mine - written on a bottle of wine - 2003 Pinocchio Nero d' Avola from Sicily. We are half-lying to ourselves if we think we are just 1 player away. . . we want to believe but it is not true . . . but would it not be nice to see Jake Long or Glenn Dorsey in a Broncos uniform?


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            Don't rule out an OT at #12 like Clady (if he's there) or Chris Williams (whose stock is on the rise). Or Sam Baker for that matter (hopefully after trading down first).

            Honestly, offense might be the way to go in round 1, whether it be OT, RB, or even WR. That's where the value seems to be. Jonathan Stewart and Rashard Mendenhall are both great RB prospects who would do well here, and a WR/KR like DeSean Jackson would impact two areas.

            I can't imagine we'd take a DE in round 1. We have a lot invested at that position with Moss and Crowder, and there is plenty of depth behind him. There will be enough good prospects available at #12 at bigger need positions than to have to take a DE.
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              I am truly shocked that scott would even attempt to give us some sort of End/ DT Tweener. Sure, we could use a DT, but one thing we don't need is a tweener. DT isn't our #1 priority, and anyone who thinks else can come talk to me. There is no logic in passing up on Kenny Phillips, or Clady. It's just mind blowingly absurd that he would even state that Denver is going to reach at #12 for a DE/DT Tweener, when more then half of our first day picks last year were DT's, DE's. We need to upgrade our aging and injury plaugued O-line, we have no safety of the future, and we need help at Lb he's giving us.. Merling? Also, he doesn't even mention that we might need something at another positon. It's all good though, we actually draft Merling, Shanahan will get fired. Seriously, don't drink the cool-aid. This is the equivalent of the Indianapolis Colts using a first day pick (2nd, 3rd rounder) on a QB.


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                I'd say Johnathan Stewart. He's crazy good and will likely fall there. He can make Jay Cutler better and they need a RELIABLE RB to stick with him in his career.


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                  We need help everywhere.


                  Projected win total: 55+


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                    Not true!!!

                    The kid that runs out onto the field and grabs the tee on every kickoff before the opposition runs it back to our 40 yard line at every home game last year was flawless! He clearly does not need to be replaced.


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                      Hello everyone. This is my first post here though I've been lurking around the site for a couple years now. Huge Broncos fan for a long time so I figured I'd post my wish list for the #12 pick to start with. This is in order and only contains guys I think have a good chance of being there at #12.

                      1. Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St. Best tackle prospect we have a chance of getting. And we need it after Lepsis' retirement.

                      2. Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois. I didn't have him on my radar for the Broncos until the combine, but that combination of speed and size would be hard to turn down, even though RB isn't a position of need. He seems like a BAP type if he falls to #12.

                      3. Keith Rivers, OLB, USC. Ian Gold is going bye bye, and well he should since he forgot how to tackle. Rivers looks like the best defensive player we could take at #12 and is at a position of need.

                      4. DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal. I had him up a spot before the combine but his size bothers me. Still, he's fast as hell and can help in the return game. Among the receivers he looks like a better compliment to Brandon Marshall than some of the other big guys.

                      5. Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt. I had Jeff Otah in my top five before the combine but the reports aren't good. Williams, on the other hand, sounds better than expected. Williams might be a reach at #12 but I'd rather reach for a left tackle prospect with upside than a safety like Phillips just because we need a replacement for John Lynch. Also, his previous relationship with Jay Cutler may help him reach his potential a little easier.

                      A couple of players I'd really like to see Denver try to get in the later rounds.

                      1. Owen Schmitt, FB, WVU. This is so the dude I want crashing into linebackers. He also has some receiving skills out of the backfield. We haven't had a well-rounded, impact player at FB since Griffith left and I think it really shows.

                      2. Jordon Dizon, LB, Colorado. Just a great football player. He'll be a beast on special teams, and his 'want to' will make him quality depth. He's the kind of guy that can come in and out-hustle better athletes. At least for awhile.


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                        Originally posted by njx9
                        1) the value at 12 is crap.
                        I think this is why people (including me) are looking at offense more than defense. The value at #12 is bad, and it's worse on defense than offense. Personally, if Clady is gone, I'd rather trade down to the 20s when some of the DL, LB, or Phillips won't be as much of a reach. Everyone knows that defense was the issue last year, but if you're stuck with #12 then take a #12caliber player. That looks like it's more likely to be an offensive player than a defensive player.

                        I agree with your post for the most part, I just think the Broncos are going to be forced to go offense if they can't trade the pick.


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                          I think Chris Williams is just as good as Otah if not more. He has higher tangibles IMO and is also more developed right now. I'd be happy to take him at 12, but if both him and Clady are there I would trade down a couple of spots and get our third back.


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                            I think our best hope for an advantageous trade down is if Mendenhall is still available at 12. His stock is high right now, and we're enough of a threat to take him that it might encourage some team to make an offer. Picking up a lower 1st and a 3rd would be a nice result.


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                              Originally posted by Diehard View Post
                              I think our best hope for an advantageous trade down is if Mendenhall is still available at 12. His stock is high right now, and we're enough of a threat to take him that it might encourage some team to make an offer. Picking up a lower 1st and a 3rd would be a nice result.
                              I had a similar thought, and if someone is really enamored of Mendenhall it might happen. The problem I see is that a team close enough to us so we'd only move down a few spots and pick up a third might be satisfied to just take Jonathan Stewart who is pretty similar. If a team farther back was thinking about it, say the Seahawks at #25, they'd have to give up more than a swap and a third rounder to move up as far as #12, so I still think we'd still be in a bit of jam in terms of trading down. You're right that Mendenhall has trade value there, but Stewart kind of blunts it.


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                                Are you guys serious? We are not going to take a RB in the first round. Why are you even talking about's ludicrous. Henry and Young are more than capable of doing a good job. We have too many holes to blow a pick on a RB.



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