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  • Press Conference - draft related blurbs

    Some interesting information taken from the blog of the press conference earlier today, along with my comments.

    12:59 P.M. MST: Bob Slowik will be calling the defenses, Shanahan confirmed … He said he offered Jim Bates the chance to continue as a linebackers coach and he declined … “I thought as a defense we needed to continue in a little different direction.”

    1 P.M. MST: “We’ve got a philosophy here on defense that I’d like to get back to. Bob knows that philosophy and had some success with it; that’s why I think he’ll do a great job.”
    My take: the defense will be designed to fit the players we have. This really opens up our draft options on the defensive side of the ball.

    1:17 P.M. MST: Said both Tom Nalen and Ben Hamilton both believe they can be back. “We should have Tom back full speed and we’re hoping to have Ben back full speed”
    My take: That somewhat reduces my concern about C, though it would've been more reassuring if Shanahan clearly stated he shared their opinion.

    1:18 P.M. MST: On Al Wilson being cleared to play and potentially rejoining the Broncos: “You never know what’s going to happen,” Shanahan said, adding that he had not spoken with Wilson since he left Denver.
    My take: Al was great, but after being injured then out of football, I'm not sure a comeback is a great idea for him.

    1:18 P.M. MST: On D.J. Williams: “I’m not going to go through personnel — if he’s middle or outside — we’ll find out who’s on our football team before we make those evaluations.”
    My take: That pretty much opens up the whole LB corps in terms of potential draft choices.

    1:24 P.M. MST: Said he likes Slowik’s “flexibility,” among other things.
    My take: Just confirms the thought that Slowik will happily glue together whatever pieces he's given. In some ways, this makes me think the defense might have to "make do", and the focus will be on building the offense as the team's primary strength.

    1:25 P.M. MST: On free agency: “It’s getting harder and harder to get quality free agents because you’re overpaying for guys that others don’t want … You’re better off doing it through the draft.”
    My take: Whatever blockbuster FA signing you were hoping for (e.g. Briggs) just became very, very unlikely.

    1:25 P.M. MST: Breaks down the left tackle position … reminds listeners that Erik Pears started there in 2006 … also said Ryan Harris was drafted in part because of the possibility of left tackle opening up if Lepsis left, as he did last week.

    1:26 P.M. MST: On Pears: “He does a good job. He gives you everything he’s got. I like the way he handles himself.”
    My take: Ugh. I don't like the underlying message here at all. Can't make chicken **** into chicken salad.

    1:27 P.M. MST: Says there’s talk of microfracture surgery for Javon Walker, but that it “could be two to three years down the line; we really don’t know.”
    My take: That comment certainly didn't increase Walker's trade value.

    1:28 P.M. MST: On Jay Cutler: “Strong arm, a guy that’ll compete … Now he’s got to go out there and do it, just like John (Elway) did … John had to prove himself in a playoff situation and finally got to that Super Bowl … His first four years all you heard was that he never played in a bowl game and that he never won a playoff game … But he believed in himself and kept on working his rear end off and finally got to the promised land … I was in the same situation with Steve Young, following Joe Montana.”
    My take: Damn, that's putting Cutler in lofty company. Might be a little premature...

    1:31 P.M. MST: More on Henry — “With the money involved, you have to make a decision that is best for the organization.”
    My take: Henry is a goner.

    1:32 P.M. MST: Said that Young can’t handle “20-25 carries” 16 games in a row … but that for 15-20 carries he can get five yards a carry … Expressed a similar sentiment with Andre Hall. Both dealt with injuries this year.
    My take: Shanahan should either make it clear that the carries will be split (with no real "starter") or find a workhorse back. Keeping things ambiguous isn't really helpful.

    1:33 P.M. MST: “We definitely need the right returner … We thought we had it with Andre Hall this year …
    My take: Apparently Andre Hall isn't the answer. Is that DeSean Jackson I see trying on a Broncos uniform?

    1:34 P.M. MST: On Jason Elam: “I’m hoping he will be (here).”
    My take: Hope? HOPE? Damn well better make sure.

    1:35 P.M. MST: Said that Tim Crowder and Marcus Thomas “both have a big upside” and that defensive linemen make big jumps from their first to second years.
    My take: Shanny has confidence in the young guys. Don't expect another overhaul on the DL... maybe just 1 significant addition?

    1:36 P.M. MST: “We’ve got people that have been on the road that have evaluated every guy in pro football; they’ll come back in three weeks and go over all the recommendations in free agents. Our pro scouts will rank them and put them in a pecking order … We do the same thing in the college draft. I don’t even know all the guys that are out there. … Even though I’ve got the final say, there’s no way you can do that without guys out there hitting the road and making recommendations that are in the best interest of your football team.”
    My takes: Shanny admits he has no idea what he is doing... ;)

    1:38 P.M. MST: On Hamza Abdullah as long-term safety option: “We’ll find out.”
    My take: We'll be looking for a SS to challenge Hamza in training camp

    1:39 P.M. MST: “I think John (Lynch) will decide in the next month … I talked to John today for an hour, hour and a half.”
    My take: The sooner this is decided, the better.

    1:40 P.M. MST: On whether Travis Henry will be the No. 1 tailback next year: “There’s a lot of money involved and you’ve got to make the decision with a big signing bonus what’s best for the organization. To tell you right now — I can’t tell you … There’s a lot to weigh … There’s so many factors involved that to say one way or another right now would be a little bit — not dishonest, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth.”
    My take: Just confirms my feelings that Henry is done in Denver.

    1:52 P.M. MST: On Jamie Winborn: “He was our best special-teams player … He played well the last couple of games ….
    My take: Winborn is going to be given a shot at a starting job.
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