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  • Trade I would like to see..

    Detroit is seeking a 3rd rounder and a player for 'Dre Bly. I think Bly is a two-time pro-bowler who can hold his own opposite side of Champ. Maybe we can throw Foster with one of our third round pick(or Jake). Redskins are the other team that's in pursuit, but they don't have enough draft picks to get Bly, imo.
    As much as I like Domonique, he's better suited for nickel back or third CB.

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    i strongly disagree with EVERYTHING you just said. dre bly is a very average CB, and i don't buy for a second that he's worth pissing away a 3rd round pick for. moreso because i don't think your assesment of foxworth is realistic. i'd give them foster and our fifth, but even then, i think the pick is more valuable than bly.


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      Well, you've got some valid points. However, my arguments are based on what Broncos are thinking. Their confidence on Foxworth is not as high as you, because, they've been actively searching for CB around the league after Williams' passing.

      I disagree with your assessment on Bly being average DB. He led the Lions with 6 Ints, despite missing four games. Yet, he made a viable enough impact to be selected as a first alternate for the 2006 Pro Bowl. He's played for a poor team with awful offense, which allows defense to stay in the field longer, not to mention that he had to go against the top receiver every time.
      According to Stats, Inc., Bly has the most forced fumbles (17) among all cornerbacks since 1999 (second among all DBs). He also ranks sixth among DBs (fifth among CBs) with 113 passes defenses since he was a rookie in '99, has the fourth-most interceptions (33) and ranks fourth among DBs in defensive touchdowns with eight (48 points) during this time.

      All that leads me to believe he'll succeed in our uniform.


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        i don't think they lack confidence in foxworth. i think that they believe they can get a better CB for less than they can get a decent S for right now, and that they'd like to thus keep foxy at S and find a new CB.

        that said, i think they're morons. but i understand where you're coming from.

        also, bly's biggest problem (from what i've seen and what lions fans have said) is that he's a slightly better version of deltha o'neal (the one from denver). that is, he'll get a bunch of picks and make some pretty plays, but he'll also get burned constantly and make poor choices in coverage. i'd love him for about 1/3 of what is being asked for him and what he's asking for. but i don't see a player worth champ bailey money.



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