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Elam Allowed to Become FA

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  • Elam Allowed to Become FA

    Could Elam, Lynch be Gone?

    I don't know if they expect to be able to work something out while he's in Israel or if they've decided it's time to look for a younger replacement, but this seems like an iffy move. He's still a reliable FG kicker, though he's been a bit prone to injury. If they let him go that might be the best indicator yet that Shanny has decided to actually rebuild the team and look for serious contention a couple years down the road.

    I'll be sad to see him go if it happens that way though. You don't get many players that stay long stretches on your team in the modern NFL.

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    Honestly, I see Elam coming back and getting a deal done.
    Although, it wouldn't hurt to try to get younger in the kicking department.


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      He started playing for them wen I was ten years old no joke lol he is the only kicker I can remember them having.



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