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Marcus Thomas Arrested

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  • Marcus Thomas Arrested

    Broncos DT Thomas arrested for cocaine suspicion

    The kid definitely didn't need this and neither do the Broncos. At the same time, based on what the story says I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt until there's more info. Feels sort of like the press has been just waiting for anything to happen with him so they could jump all over it.

    Maybe he should look for some new friends after this though.

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    eh...not surprising but I was hoping he would stay clean. Cause he is a good player.

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      I love Marcus. But We used an '08 first day pick on him, as well as an 07. Im also a strong believer in shanahan's no tolerance policy, especially after Darrent's Death. If he is released, so be it, he clearly hasn't been able to change. Even after we showed that we had trust in him. He is not gulity yet however, so I hope that Shanahan gives him benefit of the doubt. Still, its Thomas, he has had troubles in the past, so my guess is that he will be found guilty.


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        now that i actually took the time to read the story, he actually seems innocent


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          Quite a lot more detail in the article from The Rocky Mountain News.

          Bronco faces drug charges

          I'm further inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt after reading this one.


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            Thomas apparently cleared. From The Rocky Mountain News:

            Broncos Marcus Thomas cleared in drug possession charges



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