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Broncos sign: Marlon McCree and Marquand Manuel

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  • Broncos sign: Marlon McCree and Marquand Manuel

    Scratch safety off the Denver Broncos’ wish list.

    The team dipped into the free-agent pool twice Saturday, signing a pair of veteran players, Marlon McCree and Marquand Manuel.

    The moves at worst are a hedge against a weak draft crop at the position and adds depth to a shallow defensive spot on the roster.

    But both McCree and Manuel have extensive starting experience and have been assured they’ll get shots to break into the lineup, too.

    McCree is a strong safety and should compete with John Lynch for playing time. Manuel will challenge relatively untested Hamza Abdullah at the free-safety position.

    Terms of McCree’s deal weren’t immediately available. But Manuel got $4.5 million over three years with $500,000 guaranteed. The total package could swell by another $1.5 million based on playing time incentives.

    The Broncos have now addressed two of their weakest spots via the open market, as they try to fix the league’s 30th-ranked rush defense. The club earlier signed Niko Koutouvides and Boss Bailey to buttress the linebacker position.

    Manuel, 28, has played 91 games in six NFL seasons with Cincinnati, Seattle, Green Bay and Carolina. His best season came in 2006 with 81 tackles for the Packers.

    McCree, 30, has played 30 games over the last two seasons for the San Diego Chargers. He started his career with Jacksonville in 2001, moving to Jacksonville, Houston and Carolina before settling in with the Chargers. He has 421 total tackles in 106 career games.

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    Now the only ones I take are the ones that I wear
    Ain't takin no shorts no more


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      I don't think this should change anything about draft strategy other than to put DT as an earlier to address need than S. I still think a 4th or 5th round pick needs to go to safety if we use the 2nd rounder on a DT. If we stay at #12 in the first round I think we're going to have to take Clady or Williams.


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        There isn't typically room for 5 safety on an active roster, with Lynch, Abdullah, and now Manuel, and McCree, I think you can go ahead and take S off the board in the early rounds.


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          I don't know, they kept six running backs last year so they could drop one and keep an extra safety or linebacker this year. I think it depends a lot on how they want to address the special teams as well. I can see someone like Craig Steltz from LSU being drafted with one of our 4th or 5th round picks and being valuable enough as a special teamer and developmental safety to supplant one of those running back spots. I certainly would like to see some competition at safety.


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            I'm more worried about who our kicker punter and returners are going to be, rather then our 5th safety lol =)


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              Originally posted by CT Bronco Fan View Post
              I'm more worried about who our kicker punter and returners are going to be, rather then our 5th safety lol =)
              Okay you win on that one! :)

              Definitely should spend a 7th rounder on a punter/kick-off specialist. I'm still feeling relatively confident that they'll resign Elam.


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                ugh...Marquan Manuel...UGH!!!!!!!
                i guess 06 was his best year. he still sucked that year

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                  I like these moves a lot especially in conjunction with the other moves they have made. Colbert, Niko, Bailey, McCree, and Marquand...solid signings for players that are still developing (except for McCree but he is solid) and at a low expense. Medium to High reward low risk...I like it. Defense appears to be set except for DT...that concerns me.

                  Scott (OG-Indy) is available and I'd like the Broncos to bring him in. I'd also like them to get a legit FB but there isn't much on the market. With these moves the focus of the draft should be on the trenches.

                  I fully expect Foxworth to be traded for a third rounder, and with that pick I'm guessing we will get a WR/KR type player. In the fourth we will probably get a kicker. First and second should be OT/DT. My dream scenario for that would be Clady or Williams in the first and then Laws in the second. I love Laws and his high motor (I have him ranked behind Ellis and Dorsey). He has pretty good technique already so he will be able to play this year.


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                    Well crap...can forget about Scott.

                    TITANS SNAG SCOTT

                    After an all-too-quiet start to free agency, the Tennessee Titans have helped fill a hole on their offensive line by creating one for a division rival.

                    According to the Tennessean, the Titans have agreed to terms with starting Colts guard Jake Scott. The contract will average just under $5 million per year.

                    Scott, a fifth-round draft pick of the Colts in 2004, started 55 games in Indy over the past three seasons. He fills the vacancy created by Jacob Bell, who left for the Rams last week.


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                      Originally posted by njx9
                      how, exactly, are ANY of those players remotely HIGH reward? you have been sipping far too much orange and blue kool aid if you buy any of these moves as a serious attempt by the club to get better. i fail to see how bailey gives us any more reason to think our linebackers will be better this year. i fail to see how a crap safety from green bay and a crap safety from san diego improve our secondary. any broncos fan who honestly thinks our defense has improved at this point seriously needs to have their head checked. what's said is that the front office likely sees it the same way as some of you people and will go into the draft believing that somehow, signing the dregs of free agency makes the team "better" or worse, that the team really wasn't all that bad last year.

                      yeah, might as well piss away a fourth round pick on a kicker who won't have any business being picked that high. i mean, taking ernster was a really great way to blow a 7th round pick and that was only a 7th round pick. might as well aim high and at least make it obvious that we have no intention of ever drafting well.
                      Depends on what you define as "high reward". I was defining it as surpassing last years starter.

                      Webster and Gold were easily one of the worst OLB in the league last year. While Bailey is far from being an outstanding player IMO he is a lot better than Webster. DJ is obviously a huge improvement over Gold. Niko is relatively unknown but he performed well when he started in Seattle (before being displaced by one of the best in the league). The trio of Niko, DJ, and Bailey is better than what we had last year and most scouts would agree with me on that. Not to mention the flexibility as DJ can play any LB spot, Bailey can play any OLB, Winborn played well when he replaced Gold, and Webster is still there if all else fails (SLB or MLB).

                      Colbert will put up better stats than Walker did last year so that is an improvement. Will he put up 1000 yards...hell no. But if he puts up 600-700 with 4-5 TD's I will be happy. Remember that Scheffler was technically our #2 WR last year putting up some pretty good states despite missing 1/4 the season and taking a bit to warm up. That's an improvement IMO.

                      Lynch is overrated and a huge liability in space. In run support he is solid but that is about it. Against teams that run a spread offense he is a huge liability. Abdullah is okay but he is still pretty raw, and Ferguson probably won't be back. Foxworth will probably be traded away and he was a liability against the run anyway. So when Lynch was in there teams would pass and when Foxworth was in there they would run. The two safeties brought in aren't great and I realize that, but I expect one of them to start with Abdullah starting at the other spot. Lynch will be there to help coach Abdullah and provide depth. Is it an improvement...maybe a toss up but they are younger and it provides better depth. Not to mention they are cheap and considering the horrible safety class in the upcoming draft I think they did pretty well.

                      We have drafted well the past several seasons if I remember correctly. Granted we had some horrible ones (2004 except DJ obviously) initially but it has improved. Or do you not call Cutler, Scheffler, Marshall, Dumervil, Kuper a good draft in 2006 or Moss, Crowder, Thomas, and Harris in 2007 a good draft? Hell even in 2005 we had a decent pull considering the lack of picks and the unfortunate death of D-Will. Obviously the Clarett pick was a bust.
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                        There are still some holes to fill on this team (OT and DT being the most obvious) but fortunately this draft is deep in OT. DT may be an issue though, but hopefully they can snag Robertson when he is released and/or draft Laws in the second round.

                        RB-T Henry and S Young
                        WR-Marshall, Colbert, Stokley
                        TE-Graham and Scheffler

                        DE-Ekuban, Crowder


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                          clady or chris williams is a must. OT is looking sad for the broncos.

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                          Originally posted by BaLLiN72
                          i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
                          Originally posted by Job
                          NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                            Crowder is the only guy out of 07 that I think will do good in the future. The rest are terrible to this point. Cutler, DJ, B-Marsh, Scheff, and elvis are great. But there have been a lot of other picks down the drain. The teams at the top have amazing drafts. Cant run a team through free agency and past their prime veterans.

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                            Originally posted by BaLLiN72
                            i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
                            Originally posted by Job
                            NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                              That's your opinion(s) and you are entitled to it. I respectfully disagree. Time will tell.

                              I don't know what games you were watching in regards to Webster, but the only tackles I saw him make was when he jumped on the pile and then came out celebrating like he had made some huge play. The fact that we have signed two LB's to replace last years guys should be a huge hint to you, but since you missed Webster's lack of performance that isn't surprising.

                              Yes I have seen Boss play. That's why I said he wasn't great. And he isn't replacing Gold...he is replacing Webster. Again the front office thinks he is an improvement...I'll go with them.

                              For one the Seattle GM.

                              Hmmm...Walker on the bench is somehow better than Colbert on the field? Interesting. Colbert put up a good rookie year so the talent is there. Now what happened after that is up for debate, but like all the other moves this one is low risk (ie he is cheap) and good reward type (young with potential).

                              Stokley is not durable enough to be a #2 WR and he missed several games last year, and during those games Scheffler was basically the #2. Look it up.

                              Lynch was classified as a FS, but if you watched any game tape you would realize he was playing in the box the majority of the time with Abdullah or Foxworth playing over the top.

                              The rest of your comments are not worth responding too.

                              Like I said, during the season (or after) we can readdress this thread and see who is correct. Personally I'm going to go with the front office, but if you think you are better at it maybe you should go apply for a GM position.



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