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    So I'm trying to pay better attention to the team building process this year and thought I'd try a mock for the Broncos. This is the first time I've done this so be nice when you slam me. I'd also be interested to see everyone else's mocks since I'm sure a bunch of you know more than me. So here goes...

    Round 1:

    #12 Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt:
    I'm pretty sure Clady will be gone and the more I look around the more I believe that Williams is at the same level anyway. It's also pretty clear that the only place where value and need come together for the Broncos is LT. I'd still prefer to trade down and take Phillips or Balmer later but if we stay at twelve this is the best pick.

    Round 2:

    #42 Pat Sims, DT, Auburn:
    Big and athletic with versatility. He can provide some pass rush from the inside. Defensive tackle is really Denver's biggest need and I think Denver will grab the best available when there is value.

    Round 3:

    No pick: We could've got Marcus Thomas without trading this pick...sigh...

    Round 4:

    #107 Owen Schmitt, FB, West Virginia
    Denver hasn't had a legitimate fullback since Howard Griffith left and I think it really shows in our offense. This guy loves to hit people, he can catch out of the backfield, and most of all he really cares about playing football. He'd start right away for the Broncos.

    #116 Craig Steltz, S, LSU
    I don't care that we signed Manuel and McCree. Neither of them is a slam dunk answer when Lynch retires. Also, though Abdullah has potential, he hasn't proven that he's going to be a long term starter. Steltz is a high motor tough guy with solid fundamentals who actually reminds me a bit of Lynch. He might take a year or two to develop into a starter, but he'll be a good special-teamer right off the bat and provide quality depth.

    Round 5:

    #131 Dexter Jackson, WR, Appalachian St.
    Great athlete with lots of speed. He could definitely provide the answer the Broncos have been looking for in the return game. His speed could also allow him to develop into a solid verticle option to compliment Brandon Marshall. Just seems like the kind of guy that will make plays.

    #139 Vince Hall, ILB, Va. Tech
    I'm not comfortable going into the season with Niko Koutouvides as our only option at ILB. Hall made lots of plays for a very good college defense. A guy that just goes out and plays, doing well despite questionable measurables. He might not start, but then again he might. I'll take him for depth and his potential on special teams.

    Round 6:

    No pick: The guy we gave this for didn't even stay on the team...sigh...

    Round 7:

    #203 Simeon Castille, DB, Alabama
    This is kind of a hedge pick againt our trading Foxworth. Castille is versatile player who can play either corner or safety. His speed is a concern though. Hey, he's a legacy.

    #211 Jason Shirley, DT, Fresno St.
    Even with Sims as the 2nd round pick the depth at DT stinks. Shirley is a big body that can eat up blockers. A bit of a project that can provide depth where the Broncos need some.

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    #12 Chris Williams - OT - Vanderbilt
    #42 Pat Sims - DT - Auburn
    #107 Jamey Richard - C - Buffalo
    #116 Quintin Demps - S - UTEP
    #131 William Franklin - WR - Missouri
    #139 Allen Patrick - RB - Oklahoma
    #203 Zack Bowman - CB - Nebraska
    #211 Taylor Mehlhaff - K - Wisconsin

    Rookie Free Agent Pickups:
    Corey McKeon - ILB - Nebraska
    Owen Tolson - P - Army
    Adam Kraus - OG - Michigan
    Jaymar Johnson - WR - Jackson St.

    Just something quick without any explanation...rounds might be off a bit, but eh.


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      You know.. i think you might be one of the first guys to mention that denver could use a fullback.


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        Originally posted by Jimmy View Post
        You know.. i think you might be one of the first guys to mention that denver could use a fullback.
        I can tell you don't visit the mane 8)


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          Originally posted by CT Bronco Fan View Post
          I can tell you don't visit the mane 8)
          Lol, or any of the other Broncos forums in existence.

          I want a fullback in the later rounds or FA but with the resigning of Cecil Sapp it's not happening.


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            1 - 12th Overall - OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
            2 - 42nd Overall - DT Pat Sims, Auburn
            4 - 104th Overall - LB Gary Guyton, Georgia Tech
            4 - 115th Overall - WR Eddie Royal, Virginia Tech
            5 - 130th Overall - DT Andre Fluellen, Florida State
            5 - 140th Overall - CB Terrence Wheatley, Colorado
            7 - 203rd Overall - S Michael Grant, Arkansas
            7 - 211th Overall - RB Ryan Torain, Arizona State


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              Everybody loves Chris Williams (and Pat Sims), and I'm no exception. However, I have a feeling Denver will pass on Williams in favor of....drum roll please...

              Rashard Mendenhall!

              While true that RB is not as big a need as OT appears to be, Mendenhall constitutes great value at #12 as perhaps the most complete back in the draft. Plus, to me, the possibility of Sam Baker in the 2nd is more appealing than either Clady or Williams in the 1st. Here's my dream draft:

              1 - 12th Overall - RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois
              2 - 42nd Overall - OT Sam Baker, USC
              4 - 104th Overall - DT DeMario Pressley, N.C. State
              4 - 115th Overall - DT Frank Okam, Texas
              5 - 130th Overall - WR Dexter Jackson, App. State
              5 - 140th Overall - P Durant Brooks, Georgia Tech
              6 - 174th Overall - K Taylor Mehlhaff, Wisconsin
              7 - 203rd Overall - FB Carl Stewart, Auburn
              7 - 211th Overall - CB Marcus Walker, Oklahoma
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                I would really like mendenhall, I think he could do great things in denver. If we fix up the O line that is. But picking up baker would be great. even somone like nicks to play guard. If the first pick isnt Oline, the 2nd better be.

                Or they better be real good at evaluating late round talent for Oline.

                I do agree with almost all your picks urinemonkey. See you have field position in mind, getting a good punter, kicker and KR. Could really help the team overall. Will be thrilled if it goes down that way.

                Cept there is no FB. That would be my only problem.

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                Originally posted by BaLLiN72
                i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
                Originally posted by Job
                NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                  Originally posted by urinemonkey View Post
                  5 - 130th Overall - WR Dexter Jackson, App. State
                  I see you put Jackson the same place I did. If we draft him he'll be the guy I'm most excited to see play.

                  I like the addition of a K and P, particularly since we picked up a 6th round pick. Certainly the field position issue needs to be addressed.

                  I don't think Denver is going to take Mendenhall, but he would definitely be great value at #12. If he falls that far my hope would be that someone that wants him will trade up with us to get him. We can get extra picks and pick up someone like Otah, Phillips, Balmer, or Conner later.


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                    In a mock draft I'm in on a website, I ended up trading down with the Redskins owner, picking up pick #51 as well and have this so far:
                    1st: Desean Jackson - was hoping to get an OT to fall, but none did, so went with probably the best player available that can help the team in 2 areas.

                    2nd a: Kentwan Balmer - went with the DT who has the most upside IMO at this spot

                    2nd b: Dajaun Morgan - Should have an excellent opportunity to learn from Lynch, and basically tuning up to start in 2009


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                      hahaha. no... i really don't come on this site anymore...


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                        Been in New Zealand the last two years - been craving the NFL something fierce so it's good to be back.

                        Round 1 - #12 overall - OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt - Yes, more of the same it seems. The Broncos get the most NFL-ready pass protector in the draft to protect Cutler's blindside for the next ten years. Also, allows Ryan Harris to play what I believe to be his more natural position of RT next year. Or potentially move inside to guard if Pears stays at tackle.

                        Round 2 - #42 overall - DT Trevor Laws, Notre Dame - I think it's borderline whether he lasts this long but I think a lot of teams will pass because he has seemingly maxed out his potential. I think he would be a great fit on this d-line because he is non-stop, and a solid character guy. I really hope that along with this we do trade for Dewayne Robertson, I think those two side-by-side could allow Jarvis Moss some space on the outside to be the pass rusher he is. And Dumervil will do his thing regardless.

                        Round 4 - #104 overall - WR Eddie Royal, Virginia Tech - Another pick that seems to be popular. Can contribute day 1 as a return man, and can learn in his first year behind Brandon Stokely about being a slot receiver (I don't think he'll ever be anything more, but you never know and even then he could be a good one) and hopefully next year compete for the job.

                        Round 4 - #115 overall - S Craig Steltz, LSU - A football player, pure and simple. Forget his combine numbers, watch him on the field and know he belongs. Can learn from Lynch for a year and step in next year and I don't believe the Broncos would miss a beat. Smart, good character and has a knack for making plays - which Denver safeties haven't been doing.

                        Round 5 - #130 overall - C Kory Lichtensteiger, Bowling Green - Nasty, physical centre who can also slide over to guard. Would be great to backup the aging duo of Wiegmann and Nalen, or Ben Hamilton who is one concussion away from retiring. Would bring some grit back to the o-line.

                        Round 5 - #140 overall - ILB J Leman, Illinois - Huge character guy and a non-stop motor who will backup Koutouvides and be a solid special-teamer. Will most likely never start but is the kind of player the Broncos need - in case of injury and to shore up our special teams coverage.

                        Round 6 - #174 overall - FB Carl Stewart, Auburn - I like the idea of taking a true fullback. Having recently re-signed Cecil Sapp, however, I also don't thinkg it will happen. But, this is my mock so I can do as I please. Excellent blocker who would also provide some help in the passing game. But not a lot. If worst comes to worst can be used in the red-zone/goal line but god knows we need help there.

                        Round 7 - #202 overall - S Darnell Terrell, Missouri - Played CB at Missouri but can make the transfer to FS in our system and help Champ/Bly over the top. Great measurables, questionable football IQ but I'd rather take a chance on these guys late than early, as shanny has done in the past...

                        Round 7 - #209 overall - K Brandon Coutu, Georgia - Provided of course we don't sign anyone before the draft. Great leg, will help on kickoffs and will be a monster at altitude. Has to be more consistent but otherwise can step straight onto the field.

                        Tell me what you think, any comments appreciated.


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                          I like your mock. Chris Williams has got to be the guy in the first. DT in the second is also a must. I think I like Sims and Moore better but I'll take Laws. I like Dexter Jackson better than Royal but they're the same type of player and I'd be okay with him. I have Steltz in my Broncos mock and really hope we take him. I also want a true FB though my top choice is Schmitt. Overall, I definitely wouldn't cry if your mock was close.


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                            Yeah I saw yours and a few other peoples' and everyone seems to have more or less the same ideas for Denver - LT, DT, slot receiver/return man, safety.

                            Ideally I would love to see denver trade up for sed ellis or down in the first/out of the first. The value at 12 and the positions we need to fill don't match up at all. I wouldn't mind someone like Early Doucet with our 2nd rounder - it's possible he slides that far and he could be a legit #2 receiver. And Earl Bennett seems to be popular but to me he's a late 2nd early 3rd. I think whether we trade up or down may actually hinge somewhat on the Dewayne Robertson situation. If we add him we have less of a pressing need to acquire a DT early although I think as high as some people are on Marcus Thomas he really needs to get his head screwed on straight.



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