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Jason Elam signs with Atlanta

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    This is a bit distressing.

    I was wondering about this. Elam is a kicker that the veteran leadership trusts. If players like Bailey start thinking they're in for a 3 year rebuilding project it could really hurt team chemistry. Elam was definitely a stabilizing presence in the locker room and on the field with his consistency.

    Bailey displays concern about Elam's departure


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      Originally posted by BamaFalcon59 View Post
      You can not be as bad as the Falcons. That would be impossible. But you guys sound like Falcons fans over here with the pessimism.
      Well, this is once a very proud organization that prided itself on being in the playoffs year in, year out with every season being a Super Bowl contender. Now, we had a humiliating defense last year and looked average at best on offense with a pathetic special teams.

      Originally posted by njx9
      none of us have suggested we would suck as much as the falcons. but both of our lines are crap. 50% of our secondary is crap and dre bly is apparently still overrated. our linebackers are still awful.

      and nearly every move the franchise has made this offseason has been highly questionable at best in terms of actually getting better at some point within the next 3-5 years.
      I wouldn't say 50% of the secondary is "crap". Good? No, but serviceable.
      And what exactly would you want the Broncos to do this offseason? Trade away our picks for questionable DT's who seem to play half a season(Rogers and Jenkins)? A "1 year wonder" in Corey Williams?
      Shell out a ton of money for Briggs who would underperform here?

      Originally posted by Diehard View Post
      There's a lot to be pessimistic about. Apart from QB, where's the good news? Our star receiver? He's an immature idiot, who seems determined to flush a promising career down the toliet.

      Look at the filler we've signed in the offseason - those guys are going to get a chance to start, with no emerging young talent behind them. That's ******* scary. So now this draft becomes the wellspring from which will flow the real talent we need at DT, OT, WR, LB, S, C, K, P ... and we're not talking about late-round fliers of the "wouldn't it be nice" variety, we're talking "become a starter within 2 years" kinds of picks. Yeah, right, I can see that happening.

      Throw on top of that a purge of the coaching staff and head office, as well as an owner who has suddenly decided to pinch pennies, and it's hard to get excited about the coming season.
      Pat Bowlen doesn't want to shell out money again and watch players underperform dramatically for their contracts.
      To win, you need to build through the draft. We are getting there.



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