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  • Nightmare Scenario

    Let's say the 1st round were to break this way:

    1. Miami: Jake Long
    2. St. Louis: Chris Long
    3. Atlanta: Glenn Dorsey
    4. Oakland: Vernon Gholston
    5. Kansas City: Matt Ryan
    6. New York: Darren McFadden
    7. New England: Branden Albert
    8. Baltimore: Ryan Clady
    9. Cincinnati: Sedrick Ellis
    10. New Orleans: Keith Rivers
    Carolina gets #11, Buffalo gets #13, #68
    11. Carolina: Chris Williams

    So now the worthy DTs and OTs are gone as well as the only worthy linebacker. Assume nobody will let us trade back. Who in the world do we take? possibles...

    Leodis McKelvin: Prototypical corner with fantastic return abilities. He helps us in the field postion game and provides depth this year while he learns the position to take over for Foxworth/Paymah who are UFAs next year with an eye toward stealing Bly's job in the next couple years.

    Rashard Mendenhall: He fits our system and has the potential to be the workhorse type we haven't had in forever. Makes Selvin Young the change of pace back and makes Henry and his baggage expendable.

    I'm not putting a receiver here because of the Parker signing and the likely signing of Jackson. Maybe DRC is another possibility.

    Anyway, I hate our draft position and I can see us getting stuck having to take BPA without it meeting a huge need.
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    trade down even if we have to take a hit points wise...or take Otah.


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      I think Denver is trying to work a trade down as we speak, so I'm certainly not counting on us picking at 12.

      In the scenario above, I think Denver would've taken Jonathan Stewart at 12 before the injury became an issue. I know Mendenhall seems like a better fit, but I think Stewart's raw power was very appealing to a team that has struggled mightly with red zone scoring.

      If not RB, McKelvin and DeSean Jackson are both dangerous returners... something I'm sure Shanahan values this time around.

      Edit: Oh yeah, don't forget that Florida connection... say hello to Derrick Harvey... yeah, we need another DE like a hole in the head, but sometimes that's the way it goes.

      I'm not putting a receiver here because of the Parker signing and the likely signing of Jackson. Maybe DRC is another possibility.
      If Colbert didn't rule out a 1st round WR, then neither does Parker or D-Jax. They're all in the same boat - low cost gambles to see if it was really the shaky QB play on their old team that limited their production. I can see them all being quick casualties if they don't really step up in camp.
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        My nightmare scenario is drafting Heath Benedict.

        Some people keep putting him in mocks even though he's dead. Somebody better let the Broncos know Heath Benedict is dead. I'd probably be the last bastard you'd wanna see on the street if the Broncos drafted a dead guy.
        Me and Keak Da Sneak were legendary.


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          At least Maurice had a pulse. Heath's stock is dead. The Broncos are going to be on the clock at #12. Heath's clock ran out. It's a no-brainer. Don't select a dead guy. Felons are OK; dead people are not.
          Me and Keak Da Sneak were legendary.



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