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    i don't want to lose posts in the general conversation that i mean to respond to, so let's take advantage of having a full board.

    with lynch's stock apparently falling, i see a good chance we move up about 6-10 spots in the draft to get him. i like it because we'd actually have a true #1 running back for the first time in years, but it makes me nervous because it would likely involve our 2nd or both 3rds, making it much more difficult to do anything on the d-line.


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    That's a big possibility, but of course I reallllllly wanna see help on that D-Line, it needs it. I hope Shanny doesn't pull the trigger if it involves both thirds.

    Originally posted by Scott Wright
    Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
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    do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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      i almost wouldn't mind both thirds if it got us lynch, assuming we actually used out second on a DT. i like mebane a lot in the second round, and i just don't see value at DT at our spot in the first...

      clearly, i'd rather just skip green bay and only use one third to do it.


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        do not be suprised if we try for a "good" not great FA after plummer's money becomes available. Lots of good safeties in the second round as I think Lynch is a liability in the passing game. That would allow us to do DE round 1 safety round 2 and DT round 3 and OL round 3


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          i think bly solidifies foxworth at a S spot, which kills the high-round need (yes, i'm assuming that jim bates is smart enough to realize that putting lynch at FS is just moronic).


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            Originally posted by njx9 View Post
            i think bly solidifies foxworth at a S spot, which kills the high-round need (yes, i'm assuming that jim bates is smart enough to realize that putting lynch at FS is just moronic).

            10 char minimum to post lol


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              As much as I like lynch, I think with the Bell trade, that means we're going to bring in a vet RB, either by Trade < McGahee > or signing one < Lewis , Brown >.

              I really think our D-line needs the most help out of anything. Especially if Gerrard Warren is going to test the market. There is still a lot of free agency left to see who we're going to bring in. So it might be a little too early to discuss about what we need to draft.


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                I just hope we go DL with at least one pick in the 1st day. I'd prefer not to see us trade up in the draft.
                I am going to assume we make a couple trades:
                1) Our late 3rd round pick for McGahee(just have a feeling this will go down)
                2) Jake Plummer for Houston's 3rd or 4th round pick(just at the moment)
                Then, draft looks like this:
                1. DE
                2. DT/S
                3a. S/DT
                3b/4. OL


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                  If we don't get a RB in FA or trade, I either see us trading up to get Lynch or taking one in the 2nd round.
                  I don't like trading up personally, but I don't know. I hear it would take at least our 1st and both of our 3rds to move up to get into position to get Lynch. I don't like that. I'd rather take a DE round 1, RB round 2, DT round 3a and S round 3b


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                    Originally posted by njx9
                    i also just don't like any of the veteran running backs. i don't really like any of the vet DTs either, but like i've said, i think that's the position we're the worst off at, and i just don't see any value at our round one pick at the position. i think if we can address running back and DT on day one, i'm pretty happy.
                    You're right that there's no value for DT at 21. No value for RB either unless Lynch falls (and chances of him getting past Green Bay are very, very low). A trade up is going to be pricey, assuming we can find someone who wants to trade down (Miami? Buffalo? Carolina?). Really, I'd prefer we traded down for more picks, particularly in rounds 2-4 where there will be decent DL, RB and S prospects. Late round picks can be used for OL.


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                      if the broncos do pull off that trade and land the #6 pick, would they be going after gaines adams or alan branch more?

                      Originally posted by Scott Wright
                      I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                        The appropriate response to a Ginn selection would be sniper fire - not really a healthy choice for Shanny, unless he feels confident about his ability to dodge bullets.

                        Seriously, the guy's been getting by on speed alone - he's not a real WR... and even real WR's have a hard time making the transition to the NFL. Burning a first rounder on a potential career special teamer? Not a good idea.

                        Taking Johnny Lee Higgins with a mid round pick brings a lot of the same ability at much better value.


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                          I'd like us to draft Anthony Spencer in the 2nd, he has huge upside.


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                            I am trying to make a mock draft and I have come to the Broncos and right now I am giving you guys Charles Johnson. But I want to give each team the player they want/need the most. So in this scenerio who would you take?

                            The RB's that are gone: AD and Lynch
                            The DL that are gone: Adams, Anderson, Moss, Carricker, Branch, Okoye
                            The DBs that are gone: Landry, Nelson, Houston, Hall
                            Ted Ginn, Levi Brown, and Greg Olson are also gone.
                            CRANK THAT CRABTREE!!



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