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Will Orton start for Denver next year or will they pick up a QB in the Draft?

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  • Will Orton start for Denver next year or will they pick up a QB in the Draft?

    Mike Mayock seems to think Denver will try trading up from #12 and draft Mark Sanchez. While I think he'd fit their new Head Coach's system, in the end they'd lose a pick or two in the trade and he most likely wouldn't even start next year. To me there's huge risk in that move and McDaniels already screwed up big time as Head Coach so he's going to have to make the right calls come Draft Day. I personally think Orton and Simms are both potential starters. They wouldn't have added Orton to the deal if they didn't think he could start and they paid big money to get Simms as a backup. I think they should have them compete for the starting job at QB and Denver should pick 2 defenceive players in the 1st round to help that 29th ranked D. If for some reason neither QB performs well next year you still have two 1st round picks in 2010! I could see Denver going either way but I say don't make the same mistake twice McDaniels. Fix your teams defence and give Orton or Simms a shot at the helm.

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    Drafting a QB this year is just dumb. The QB position in this draft is incredibly weak as both Sanchez and Freeman are overrated. In an average year there is no way Freeman is even mentioned as a first round pick.

    Unfortunately this season is going to be very tough for the Broncos. QB is going to be an issue and so will the defense regardless of who they draft. And given their incredibly tough schedule I think there is only a 25% chance of them finishing at .500. I think they are looking at a top ten pick next year.

    Give McDaniels a year to see what he can do with Orton and Simms. I doubt it will be much (3500 yards maybe??), but I think either QB will be serviceable for a year.

    And given the QB crop for next years draft (Tebow, Bradford, McCoy among others) they should wait and draft a QB then (Chicago might not do that well either as they have some serious holes to fill with no draft picks).

    Stay the plan and address the defense early and often. The lone offensive position I wouldn't be opposed to addressing in the first three rounds is WR given the issues with Marshall.


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      Let me first say this. I have no dog in this fight.

      Having said that, I like this trade for you guys. Next years quarterbacks SHOULD be better than this year. And I have never been a huge fan of the gunslinger quarterback.

      Teams build through the draft, and the Broncs just picked up some primo picks. I would have done this in a heartbeat.

      And yall should have plenty of cap room now, not that that is a contributing factor in this trade!!!!!
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        i think he counts 1 million this year against the cap



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