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  • McD press conference notes

    Some interesting information in there about their approach to the coming draft. I particularly liked this bit:

    We have a very specific system that we are going to implement offensively and the same thing on defense. We are looking at trying to add players at whatever position that may be that can fit in and help us win right away. We are not going to draft anybody that we hope four years from now is going to make a contribution. Everybody that we draft is going to have a specific grade on them that we feel like fits our team perfectly and gives us an opportunity to improve at every selection.
    Summary: We want players, not projects. Fit is a big deal.

    This next quote is in response to a question about the flexibility provided by having extra picks and the possibility of drafting a QB:

    It gives us a lot of flexibility. It's something that as a football coach going into the draft, the more you have, the better off you are because you can maneuver to get some players that you really feel good about and [we] have the ammunition to do some of those things. As far as it being a defensive or offensive draft, it's going to be the best players at a position that we need players at that can help our team win. I wouldn't say that it's going to be one way or the other. As far as a quarterback is concerned, we are evaluating all of those players just the same. If one of those players-whoever they may be, whenever it may be-is somebody that we would like to have on this team then we would consider drafting a quarterback.
    Summary: we'll trade up to get someone we want, and if a QB falls to us that we like, we'll take him.

    On whether QB Kyle Orton fits McD's "mould":

    He's tough, he's smart, he makes good decisions, he's accurate with the football and we're excited about having him on this team. I don't have a mold. There is not a precise 'here is what the guy has to look like.' Tom Brady didn't look anything like Matt Cassel and Matt Cassel doesn't look anything like Kyle Orton. It's a guy that can do what we want him to do, understand and process our offense, help our team win, make smart decisions and get the ball to the people that we want to do things with it. There is no special person or special guy that has to fit into it. There are a lot of players that can fit into it.
    Summary: Despite saying he doesn't have a "mould", he does - smart, accurate, good decision-making.

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      Originally posted by njx9
      i hope that "qb we like" isn't freeman.
      Highly unlikely. His weaknesses (accuracy, reading defenses, decision-making) are the things McD wants to see as strengths.

      It's interesting that the brought Painter in for a private workout. He got lost in the mix with his poor senior season, but has done well in workouts and the fact that Purdue runs the spread certainly doesn't hurt if that's the way McD wants to go.

      and i'm curious about the idea of drafting players who can contribute right away. hopefully that means DL is the top priority, since we could pretty much sign a guy off the street and he'd be a likely starter. but i have a bad feeling it means RB is way up towards the top of the list.
      My take on McD's comments is that they'll select the highest graded player (based on talent and system fit) that addresses an area of need. This would mean they're not locked into addressing any particular position at 12, rather they'll make the pick based on their player grades and then strike that need off the list.

      I think the "contribute right away" bit is tied to system fit. If the guy fits the system well, he'll be able to contribute more readily.



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