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How was Dre Bly's stint with the Broncos?

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  • How was Dre Bly's stint with the Broncos?

    Just wanted to get some opinions on our newest acquisition Dre Bly. Walt Harris went down the other day and is now out for the season. Tarell Brown is slated to start, but we went out and got a veteran for depth purposes and competition I presume. Obviously that person is Dre Bly. I didn't catch that many Broncos games the last two years. From the little I did hear, he wasn't that great, but I also heard that he was made out to be worse than he really was because of the Broncos underachieving defense. Can you guys shed some light on what really happened with Bly? Just want to know what kind of player we are getting. Thanks.

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    yeah i want to hear what happened to Bly?


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      Bly played as well as you could play for having no pass rush to speak of, as well as playing opposite side of Champ Bailey for most of his tenure. I think a fresh start with the 9'ers could help him a lot.


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        He got picked on a lot for being the guy across from Bailey. He saw tons of throws every game because of that. Lack of a real defense around him didn't help that.

        He really didn't play well at all the last year, but I think he definately has talent. He was just getting by on reputation recently though. I hope he does well on the 9ers.

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          He was pretty bad but like others have said he didn't have much around him hard to really judge.


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            He can still pick off a few passes, but he can't tackle for crap... which really hurts when your poor front seven is looking for run support help from the secondary.

            If his role is to provide depth and play as an extra DB on passing downs, I think he could be okay.



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