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Tim Tebow Write-up

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  • Tim Tebow Write-up

    Very good break down

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    That was a really good read. Thanks for the link! I agree with a lot of what he said.

    I feel like people (especially media) seem to be holding him to a higher standard than other rookies. People seem to have forgotten just how rare for a rookie QB to actually be successful their first year. First year is about getting some experience and feeling what the game is like. You only really get to see what most QB's are made of in their second year and beyond, after a full off-season to build off of what they've learned.

    Lets give this guy a real chance before writing him off hey?


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      Link is dead for me, but yeah, I can't believe the team is actually even considering looking elsewhere right now. Say what you want about his stats, but we were actually in games when Tebow played. I could care less about Orton's gaudy numbers if we're losing every game by 20. Tim Tebow just puts us in position to almost win gaymez.

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