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    Originally posted by njx9
    every single one of those drafts is far too logical and doesn't include the nearly annual shanahan reach, wherein he'll take a player roughly 3 rounds before anyone thought he would've been taken and usually ahead of several guys people have rated higher.
    4- reggie ball


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      Since we're talking "predictions", rather than "wish lists", here's my round-by-round picks based on the twisted mind of Mike S...

      Round 1: Patrick Willis, Ole Miss

      Comments: I can't shake that nagging feeling that Shanny will take a LB in round 1. Of course, it would be far too obvious to take the best SAM available, so he'll go MIKE/WILL instead just to keep our LB corps nice 'n' confused...

      Round 2: Steve Smith, USC (or traded to get Willis in round 1)

      Comments: I'd like Tim Crowder here, but Shanny doesn't care what I want and goes for offense instead.

      Round 3a: John Wendling, Wyoming

      Comments: Shanny makes a pick I actually like... probably just random chance (you know, monkeys and typewriters, etc)

      Round 3b: Marcus Thomas, Crackhead

      Comments: Hmm, weren't we supposed to be addressing the DL? Oops! Well, then it's perfect time to go for the mandatory reach/gamble.

      Round 6a: Brandon Frye, Virginia Tech

      Comments: Sifting for late round OL gems... typical.

      Round 6b: Thomas Clayton, Kansas State

      Comments: No way Shanny can resist going for a RB late. Lots of other guys could fit in here (Gary Russell, Ramonce Taylor, Ahmad Bradshaw)... as long as you've got the combination of questionable character and untapped potential, you're in the running...

      Round 7: Louis Leonard, Frenso State

      Comments: A big body for Bates to work with... gotta give him something, as it's only a 50/50 that Marcus T. even finds his way to Denver.
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        Originally posted by njx9
        are you suggesting that it might be a bad idea to have 3 true WILL's to fill our entire LBing corps, moreso when NONE of them are really well equipped to play SAM? that sounds depressingly familiar.
        I am suggesting that... however, I'm sure Mike S would be quick to remind me who holds the "Mastermind" title, and that I shouldn't question his grand design as it is far beyond the capacity of mere mortals to comprehend.



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