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Starting RB (fantasy football help)

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  • Starting RB (fantasy football help)

    Who is the Lions starting RB this year? Is Kevin Jones still hurt? And for how long?

    What is your opinion of Tatum Bell is jones misses alot of time?

    Will Calhoun have a factor this year like Bush, Maroney, Jones-Drew did last year?

    Any other RB's that will play?

    thanks guys and good luck on the season.

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    I wouldn't expect much from Calhoun. He just isn't in the situation that Maroney, Bush and Jones-Drew are/were in, and doesn't have the power, talent and playmaking ability as those previously mentioned.

    I like Tatum Bell a LOT in this offense... even more than KJones. He has great speed and decent hands... and will be a target out of the backfield. Considering how well the passing game should fare, the running game will be much more effective than last year.

    I also don't think they'll rush KJones back to the lineup... especially if Bell performs well.

    Duckett, who has the power that Bell lacks, will be used for short yards, the red zone and to control the ball in the 4th... and I actually think he'll put up surprising numbers. Not a solid #1, but a decent backup and/or stop gap.

    Just my 5 cents.
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      Tatum Bell is probably going to start for us, and I think he fits in very well with our offense.



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