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The "ideal" offseason...

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  • The "ideal" offseason...

    I was thinking today about FA and the draft this year... and started to ask myself: what if? What if we signed Curtis instead of McDonald? What if Fletcher-Baker decided to sign with us instead of the Skins? And, what would we have done in the draft if that happened?

    Curtis would become our #2. No, not the same player that CJ81 is, but a perfect fit for the system and would improve our passing attack.

    LFB would be a beast for our defense... an experienced, veteran leader. Throw him next to Sims and Bailey/Lewis and you've got a great LB group.

    Now... the draft. With Curtis signed and LFB on the roster, we may have been more willing to trade down. If not, Gaines Adams would've been the pick. A true pass-rushing DE, he'd set our De rotation up nicely... Adams-White-Edwards... with Rogers and Redding in the middle. Fun to think about.

    With our first pick in the second round, Stanton would've still been the focus... but what about the picks after that? With our need at DE filled, we could've shifted to CB and taken a talented, young player over IAF (who is the man) and still traded up for Alexander. Big upgrades to our secondary...

    Don't get me wrong... I've convinced myself that the draft was great. We took hard working, great attitude players at positions we needed to improve. CJ81? Complete stud. Stanton? Should be the future at QB. IAF? Raw but the coaches love his potential. Alexander? We'll see... he'll get time without Bullocks in the lineup.

    But... getting the players we wanted in FA could've shifted us from building to contending. Interesting to think about...
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