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Buster's mom says he signing with Detroit...

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  • Buster's mom says he signing with Detroit...

    Jackie Davis, speaking by phone Monday evening, said Davis was en route to Michigan from Arizona to sign with the Lions.

    But a report in the Detroit Free Press newspaper lists the Lions' practice-squad members, and Davis is not among them. The paper names seven other players, and said that there is still one spot open for another player, which could be Davis.
    "He's real excited about it, because Detroit has Ernie Sims, one of his old teammates at Florida State," Jackie Davis said. "He didn't sound upset or anything to me (about being cut.)"
    Would you rather have Baldwin or Buster on the practice squad?

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    Honestly, I'd rather have Baldwin. When you are drafted in the 3rd Round and the team that drafted you cuts you before the season starts, something it wrong.


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      I'd rather have Davis personally. He was the 5th pick in the 3rd round, so the guy has some talent. No disrespect to Baldwin, I thought he played very well in the preseason, but it seems like Davis carries a higher risk/reward than Baldwin. Plus he'll be on the practice squad, so if he doesn't turn out, it's not really a big deal. The guy was 2nd on FSU in tackles his junior year, and 1st his senior year, so he can play some ball. Might as well take a chance on him.
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        Personally I like Davis the Cards don't run the Cover two or at least won't be much longer and Detroit doesn't have a real cover two ILB he's short but I think he has a better chance to hack it.
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        Originally posted by njx9
        oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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          I wish we would've kept Baldwin, but Davis seems like he'll be starting in the NFL someday. Great instincts and can hit.... hard.

          I could care less why Arizona cut him... he's got some talent and can play the game... let's see what he offers us.
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            I loved Baldwin, but I'll take Buster Davis.

            By the way, Kowalski said he's on the Practice Squad.


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              All you need now is AJ Nicholson and you have the FSU LB Corp.


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                Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
                All you need now is AJ Nicholson and you have the FSU LB Corp.
                What's his bail set at?


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                  Not a bad pickup. Although he's a bit small, he makes up for it with his intangibles. Would love to see him and ernie sims reunited together on the field.


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                    im ecstatic, i wanted him in the 3rd this year. could be a huge steal


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