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If SportingNews ran our 2007 draft...

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  • If SportingNews ran our 2007 draft...

    I was reading through the SportingNews "NFL Draft Preview" of 2007... and came across their Lions' mock draft. Two words came to mind: what if?

    1.2: Gaines Adams - DE - Clemson
    2.34: Justin Durant - MLB - Hampton
    3.66: John Beck - QB - BYU
    4.101: Marcus Hamilton - CB - Virginia
    5.139: Gerald Alexander - S - Boise State
    5.145: Derek Stanley - WR - Wis.-Whitewater
    5.154: Antwan Applewhite - DE - San Diego St.
    5.158: Le'Ron McClain - FB - Alabama
    7.255: Rodney Hannah - TE - Houston

    It would've given us our pass-rushing DE, stud MLB, QB of the future, a CB with good size and Gerald Alexander (as well as position depth).

    My question is this: what would you do with this year's draft if that was our draft last year?

    My 2008 draft (first 3 rounds):
    1.15: Rashard Mendenhall - RB
    2.14: Antoine Cason - CB
    *** Trade a 3rd and 4th to [insert team] for a 2nd round pick. ***
    2.??: Trevor Laws - DT
    3.14: Chevis Jackson - CB

    We'd have our LBer group set, a solid DLine, a good secondary and a strong running game (with Roy, Furrey and McD at WR).
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    love it all, mendenhall frees up roy and megatron while making the defensive ends respect our run. cason and chevy are two of the 5 cbs that i would love to have. and laws has been looking good to me lately plus we definately need a dt. gaines would have solved quite a bit because pass rushers are all expensive unless we get the washed up ones but then again rookies are expensive too. durant would have been nice.
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