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  • Roy Williams rumor

    Latest rumor on Sirius NFL Network

    Roy Williams for:

    Lito Sheppard and
    Eagles first rd. pick #19

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Besides, The Eagles can't be that dumb. But If that's in ANY way accurate, the trade should have been done yesterday.

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    No way they couldn't pull the trigger fast enough, you got a link?


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      No way it ever happens. Way to good for Millen to say yes. He would ask for next years 1st too. Is Sheppard a cover 2 corner?

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        I think Lito would be a very good cover 2 corner.


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          Haha.. that'd be crazy.. Cornerback would go from being our biggest weakness to being our biggest strength.


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            If there is ANY truth to this I would fall on my knees and cry the rest of the weekend. Seriously, that move would be so freakin' awesome.

            (just checked, but that trade wouldn't even work in madden)

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              If that happens I would have to say that Millen is on vacation and his 4 year old nephew is making the decisions. There is no way that they offer that and we pass. We could improve so much it wouldn't be funny. But it won't happen so I will go back to be pissed at the Lions.

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                It's largely one-sided, but the Eagles missed out on getting Moss. They're kinda desperate for a big name wideout after Donovan's comments this offseason.


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                  I think people need to understand that the Eagles don't have very much leverage with Lito Sheppard. Lito is still signed through 20011 and he would be a very expensive Nickle Back. Teams know that the Eagles can't afford to hang onto Sheppard and pay $5 million per season especially because they're paying Samuel and Brown almost a combined $15 million per season.

                  I really don't think this trade is all the lopsided, but I'd still do it in a second. Lito Sheppard is a good, but not great CB. Roy Williams on the other hand is a great WR.


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                    rumor is that they offered lito and a second for Fitz so i cant imagine theyd consider moving lito and a first for roy. just makes no sense.


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                      wow, that would be an amazing trade for the lions. if the eagles actually offered that, like most people have said, there shouldnt have been a moments hesitation on the lions front.

                      looks like there would be silly matt millen...


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                        Originally posted by Dirty Thirty View Post
                        rumor is that they offered lito and a second for Fitz so i cant imagine theyd consider moving lito and a first for roy. just makes no sense.
                        Well, there is also a rumor that they offered Lito and a 1st for Torry Holt too...


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                          I heard this on 97.1 FM today . . .

                          It would definitely be Lito for Roy, but we would get a draft pick or two as well. I did hear mention of a first, but that seems too high. I would take a 2nd though.
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                            lito was about the only one to shut moss down this year. check the game recap on espn. 'turned him into an ordinary player'.

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                              anything to get roy out of detriot...sorry but the lions management sucks. the lions have to get a new QB. and the defense is so talented on paper but continuously sucks.



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