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  • Lions interested in Pacman

    Here's a nice little story on how Pacman's agent says the Lions have shown interest in him and how he thinks the Pats are a great fit for him. Not really sure but I don't think Pacman is a "Maranelli" type guy and don't see him working in New England, so I guess that leaves Dallas. I always thought the Raiders wouldv'e made a play for him, but now that Hall is there it is doubtful unless they trade Asomugha.

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    Yeah, I don't see us taking a chance on him. Marinelli is all about high character guys. I just can't see him taking on a potential distraction in Pacman. I'd do it, especially because he'd be fairly cheap to acquire. I just don't see it happening.

    As far as the Patriots go, I could see it. Bill Belichick has a huge ego and it would not surprise me one bit if he thought he could "handle" Pacman. The Patriots have taken risks on troubled players in the past (Corey Dillon, Randy Moss) and it has paid off. Then again, even Pacman may be too much of a gamble for them.


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      hopefully just a bargaining ploy by his agent
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        If we traded Bly for character issues...


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          Just thought it was kind of funny


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            Millen denied rumors that the Lions were interested in Pacman. I read it in the News/Free Press this morning. Too lazy to see if the article is online.


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              Originally posted by P-L View Post
              Millen denied rumors that the Lions were interested in Pacman. I read it in the News/Free Press this morning. Too lazy to see if the article is online.
              MLive has the details.

              Originally posted by [url=][/url]
              Updated: Pacman's agent says Lions interested; Millen says they're not
              Posted by Jonathan Oosting | March 21, 2008 16:06PM
              Categories: Statewide

              The Detroit Lions are one of three teams interested in trading for suspended Titans cornerback Pacman Jones, according to Jones' agent Manubir Arora.

              ESPN, March 21: Later Friday, Arora told ESPN's Ed Werder that it's his understanding the Cowboys, the New England Patriots and the Detroit Lions are interested in Jones. Asked Jones' preference of a future team, Arora said, "Every kid grows up wanting to play for the Dallas Cowboys."

              Earlier this month,'s Lions insider Tom Kowalski analyzed a similar Pacman-to-Lions story, saying that while the report may have been true, it was not really accurate.

              Update: Lions President Matt Millen told The Detroit News that the team has discussed Pacman Jones but will not attempt to trade for him.

              The Detroit News, March 21: The Lions will not pursue Jones, team president Matt Millen said Friday afternoon after Internet reports surfaced that the Lions are one of the teams interested in acquiring Jones.

              "We've talked about it, but for a lot of reasons, we aren't going to try to get him," Millen said. "He has a lot of talent. We wish him well."
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                Originally posted by TacticaLion View Post
                MLive has the details.
                Wow, Millen actually sounded pretty professional, he's really come a long ways since the Morton event.



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