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Surprising/Disappointing Players for 2008?

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  • Surprising/Disappointing Players for 2008?

    We need to get some discussion going on in here.

    So, who do you guys think could surprise us this season? Whether it's a late round rookie, someone who just fits the system, or someone finally coming into their own.. and How about disappointments? A free agent signing? Someone with a more expanded role from last year?


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    i think dizon will be better than what most people think about him due to his size, and even though he might be a rotation guy to begin with i wouldnt be surprised to see him more and more as the season goes on


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      I think White is going to have a big year. He was in full beast mode before his injury last year. The progression of Bullocks and Alexander will be interesting to see. I think the additions of Kelly and Dwight Smith could provide more return in what they show other players in the system then their actual play.

      One thing I don't like about our defense is that I think they are soft and small. Now I know that the Tampa 2 doesn't require that, but we don't have an intimidating defense at all. Ernie Sims yeah I know but still.



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