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If not Stafford then who?

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    Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
    Hopefully this doesn't turn out like the Alex Smith situation, where since Lineart didn't come out, it was then a battle between Smith and Rodgers. And Smith made a boatload of cash even though he may not have been worthy of the #1 overall pick. The 49ers needed a qb and didn't really have a choice, well they did but didn't want to look stupid passing him up.

    Now maybe the same thing happens this year the Lions just say screw it lets go with the qb. Maybe in years to come we find out he wasn't really worth taking. Stafford then can go than Sam Bradford for staying in school and helping him get some moneys.
    I see no similarity between Stafford and Alex Smith.

    I think Bradford and Leinart are similar, though. :)


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      Jason Smith is a great talent, but I think Eugene Monroe is the way to go. The problem I have with Smith is that he played at Baylor where they threw the ball a million times a game and he was essentially never in a three-point stance. I know protecting the blind side is the ultimate job of the left tackle, but he needs to be able to effectively run block as well. I think Jason Smith can do these things but I still question them. You shouldn't have to question the Number 1 pick. For my money, I think Eugene Monroe is the best overall tackle in the draft.



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