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Josh Freeman?

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  • Josh Freeman?

    Am i the only one that likes Josh Freeman as a QB?

    6'6'' 248lbs. great arm, decent speed.

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    you're not the only one, but he's not as athletic as Stafford, has about the same arm, and is not nearly as smart, or as good of a leader as Stafford is....

    So all in All Stafford>>>>>Freeman


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      I want absolutely nothing to do with him. Yeah, he's big and has a strong arm but IMO he is no franchise QB.


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        in my world yes you are the only one. i've deleted freeman from my mind. there is only stafford.
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          I think it all depends on how he does with his pro day workout, but as it stands right now why pass on the best QB for the 3rd best, too much of a drop off for me?

          But like I said, we'll see how his pro day goes and then go from there, the most important pro day should be Georgia's though to really determine where Stafford ranks.


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            he is almost an exact copy of jamarcus russell

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              Minus being a decent QB. All he has is potential. He never really accomplished anything in a weak defensive conference.


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                Why are we wasting a thread on Freeman? I hate the thought of Detroit drsfting a matter of fact, if they do I may disassociate myself with the team.

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