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Lions vs ....Thanksgiving Day

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  • Lions vs ....Thanksgiving Day


    Always good when its a North game. Last win on Thanksgiving was against the Pack in 2003.

    There was talks of a rotation started at the owners meeting but that was tabled. I think this is our last shot because Ford has less pull in terms of advertisement with the problems they are having. We haven't been competive since 2003 in the game and even 2007 against the Pack the score was closer than the game actually was. We need a win badly in this game especially after our worst loss ever last year.

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    You know how many ****** Sunday and Monday night games I watched last year? If they take it away they are going to hear a lot of ****.
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      I think every team gets at least one prime time game, so people we'll just be complaining about that when the Lions play on Sunday or Monday night unless its against their team. In the end, we just have to become a better team and people will stop complaining. Thye already have a rotation with the NFLN game.

      It's unfortunate the last 5 Thanksgiving games, were some of the worst I've seen the Lions play in the Millen era. If its a close game like we had against Carolina or Minnesota or that at Chicago game, well then thats ok. It just makes us look even crappier to the country that the Lions play their worst ball on Thanksgiving.


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        I love the matchup! A classic!
        2009 Looking Up!



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