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An awesome Vid to watch!!

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  • An awesome Vid to watch!!

    Watch Mel eat up Todd!!

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    Thanks for that. Entertaining for sure, but I agreed with both sides at different times. Agreed with Mel on Stafford and signability not being a concern in deciding who to take. Agreed with Todd on the system being flawed and the money given to the #1 unproven pick.


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      The #1 pick is going to get paid a ton no matter who it is. The Lions need to take the best player for their team. Stafford's choice to go with the same agent as Matt Ryan has to have at least something to do with the fact that Ryan and Atlanta agreed on a contract within a month of the draft and Ryan never missed a single workout, practice or anything. I don't see him being a contract issue. Living in the same state as Ryan last year means Stafford could easily read and hear about the things Ryan was doing and learn from them. If the Lions take someone other than Stafford to save money, it will cost them wins in the long term.
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        Yeah, somebody get Mel some pumpkin pie.

        2 C 5:6-8 Jakob Murphy aka themaninblack


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          Best line from that vid comes from Robert Flores, "Their carpool is going to be....... awkward."



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