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Top 10 Ways to make the Lions more intimidating

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    Those are motivation tactics, IAC.

    Maybe its impossible to make the Lions intimidating, haha.
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      1) Alkaseltzer in the mouth of D-Linemen (<3 Little Giants)
      2) Re-Sign Mike Williams and put an all you can eat buffet in the end zone.
      3) Two Words Giant Spiders
      4) Two more words Giant Snakes
      5) Samuel L Jackson with his bad motha ***** Wallet and his light saber.
      6) Pre game taunt and dance
      7) Rocket Launchers
      8) Rosanne Barr in a thong
      9) Move them to Baltamore and call them the Ravens.
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      oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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        10)Wins guranteed every season by idiot QB
        9)Resign Ryan Nece and Paris Lenon ASAP. Then get them in touch with some baseball players to get them some tackling juice.
        8)Play evey snap like Gosder Cherlius against Jared Allen(on their knees). Homophobes will be intimidated.
        7)Have Raiola beat up a fan who done him wrong by telling him he sucks therefore intimidating the opponent(preferably the fan is a small child similar in size to Raiola)
        6) Constantly cut and resign Aveion Cason to show the FO means business
        5) Have Tatum Bell lurking around the opponent locker room during the game(they will be distracted at least)
        4) More Wide outs please, preferably with a generic name like Williams or Johnson
        3) Practice hard and speak of pounding the rock often
        2) Show video of Stanton getting injured in practice by Lions defense
        1) Go 4-0 in the preseason again
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          10) Bring back Wayne Fontes as a dietitian and health consultant.
          9) Instead of Offensive Tackles who can't block, use real lions
          8) Home games no longer played at Ford Field. Instead play them on the Ford Freeway.
          7) Posters of Matt Millen in a speedo in the opponents locker room.
          6) Hire Jon Kitna as team spokesman to the media.
          5) Sacrifice a big 3 executive on the 50 yard line before each game.
          4) Anyone with a name like "Artose" or Paris will be given a much more menacing name like "Mongrel" or "Baby Eater".
          3) Keep drafting WRs with first round picks -- other teams are libel to think the team is mad from the top down.
          2) Sign Tank Johnson and have him take opposing teams clubbing in downtown Detroit the night before home game.
          1) Buy a real NFL team and make them wear the Lions jerseys.


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            bring in chris brown to smack around opposing quarterbacks

            losses now count as wins

            tell them that millen will be back unless they start winning

            replace the entire team

            hire michael vick as new public relations rep

            hire pissed off/laid off workers from auto industry to play
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              Some very funny ones came in today. Nice work.
              R.I.P. L.E.F.
              "I am the one who knocks!"


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                I've got a couple:

                - rehire Marinelli and actually give him a shovel and a pick

                - Hire Jon Kitna as team spiritual leader. (God is intimidating right?)

                - Bring back Germane Crowell...instant boost in street cred.


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