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  • Tom Kowalski is a comedic GENIUS!

    George Foster could give Lions huge boost at OT

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    I've seen a lot of people bad mouth this game and I think is the first time I've seen him. He looks similar to Matt Millen like they could be brothers or something. That could be old news though. I also don't see him coming close to being a huge boost.


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      we should just stop taking Kowalski serious. The guy is the human equivalent of a talking turd.

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        Sounds like he was trying to say Foster could add depth? Unless an injury occurs he is not a starter, no way ... he thinks he is though.
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          Well, I will agree with Kowalski this much: Foster is a huge guy who was a first-round pick, and he's still only 29. It's not impossible for a player like him to have the old light bulb in the head go on, and raise his level of play.

          But yeah, to make it a headline that he could be a huge boost, no I'm not buying that until I see it. I don't mind having Foster on the off-season roster as a depth player and let's see what he does in minicamps and in preseason. I hope that he'll only get a look to make the team if he honestly earns it and shows he's ready to play way better than he has.


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            No way he beats out Gosder no way. Foster is terrible in pass protection plus the penalties of course whereas Gosder has some success towards the end of last year and is a good run blocker and will only get better. Foster is depth no question with starting experience but no potential at this point. Better than Rex Tucker lol or whoever we had 3 years ago though and Foster is cheap so I don't really have a problem with him as backup.


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              Maybe he could work his way into a guard spot. He is big enough to run block. Who knows, just trying to play devil's advocate here. Certainly the Lions couldn't be hurt by guys coming into the off season dedicating themselves to work their ass off to get on the field however they possibly can.


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                God I hate anything and everything associated with mlive.

                RIP TheManInBlack


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                  Killer makes me want to kill myself. The **** he writes is just so painful to read.



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