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Hitting the homestretch; still no clue

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  • Hitting the homestretch; still no clue

    Well, if you accept the premise that in the Lions' position, it is vital for management to hide their intentions at all costs (and I do), then I give Mayhew and company an A+ in keeping everything under wraps.

    Today I have seen a couple of rumors that Curry is now the pick. That was after last week's rumors of Jason Smith and even Monroe, among the overall consensus that it's Stafford (oh except for a couple of weeks ago when there were stories claiming they actually liked Sanchez better). In short, no one knows a thing.

    I've been thinking since the season ended that the Lions' number one job was to keep everyone else in the league off balance and maximize the possibility of trading down. Granted, that looks nearly impossible at this point, but the only possible way would have been if no one had any idea what the Lions were going to do, and someone got nervous about not getting what they want. The Lions have certainly done their part to still make that a possibility.

    My prediction right now is that the Lions will go as far as they can without announcing anything, even IF they agree or have agreed to terms with someone. If it's announced at all, I predict it will not be before 9am on Saturday morning.
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    If the pick is Stafford.. I just hope most everyone in the organization is for it... that's players, coaches, and executives.


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      i agree they better have learned from their past mistakes. if everyone isnt on board for building this team around him than they shouldnt take him. I also just hope that Schwartz and linehan will be on the same page too because if we need to let linehan go after a year because they have different views it will mostlikely ruin staffords developement.


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        I think it's Staff, everything else is a smoke screen.


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          I think everything they have done so far is a smokescreen. They're gonna play hookie on Draft Day.

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