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Talking Lions draft tonight on the radio

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  • Talking Lions draft tonight on the radio

    Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be pimping Matthew Stafford in front of most likely neo cronies on college radio this evening at 9 pm.

    I'm thinking I'm going to get the most air time considering all the jocks at the station have been calling me "the kiper of CMU" just because I've been carrying around a self made draft booklet.

    Anyways if you're in central or northern Michigan you should be able to pick the station up or I suggest you listen online at:

    We strongly encourage callers, so if you want to jump on my side or ask anyone a question do it. Our station number is 1(989) 774 3691.

    Just a little FYI: the show will be boring at first because its mandatory that we talk about CMU athletics to start off the show at 9 pm. If you tune in at 9:30, I think we were going to devote the second half of the hour to the draft.

    Thanks guys and I'll definitely give a shout out to the board , so your calls would be appreciated.


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    If I remember, I might call in.


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      I'm pimping the whole draft on another show out of Minnesota.

      But I am a Lion's expert.


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        I was not able to tune in, how did it go?



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