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Here's what I think they're trying to do

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  • Here's what I think they're trying to do

    This is what I've thought all along and I just feel stronger and stronger about it.

    I really think that Mayhew's #1 goal is to trade down and STILL get Stafford.

    If you look at it, the Lions have done their level best to play ALL of the potential #1 picks against each other, keep them all off balance, keep everyone guessing what they're going to do, and get someone to go after their pick.

    I just knew it would happen as we approach the draft, that Curry would become their supposed main target and they would let it be known that they are in heavy negotiations with him.

    Now it is out there that they have gotten Curry to agree to a contract that pays him less than Jake Long. We think that there are at least two teams in the top 5 that really want him. The thing that would have kept them from trading up to get him is worry over what they'd have to pay him, but now he's on the record as being willing to settle for reasonable money.

    I think what they really want is for KC or Cleveland to pull the trigger and offer them something to move up and get him. Then all Stafford has to do is get by St. Louis and Seattle, which is a pretty good bet imo, and the Lions get the guy they wanted, plus an extra pick or more, and they save millions.

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    nobody wants the #1 burden, no matter who the hell they MAY be able to take. It's just too expensive.

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      No chance KC is moving up, they have very few picks as is. I doubt Cleveland is that in love with Curry that they trade up for him as well. This draft is loaded with good LB's, Cleveland can grab one later.

      I think Mayhew is trying to get Stafford at a lesser price by threatening to take Curry number 1 at his reduced rate if Stafford doesnt agree by Friday. It may just work, and it may turn out the Lions actually end up with Curry. I like both players so either way i'll be satisfied.



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