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    Originally posted by D-Unit View Post
    Oher and Maualuga > Pettigrew and Delmas
    No way D. No way.
    Enjoy Derrick Williams!
    R.I.P. L.E.F.
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      This will be regarded as a great draft by the Lions if...

      1) Matt Stafford is still starting for the Lions four years from now;
      2) Rey Maualuga is regarded as a bust four years from now;
      3) Michael Oher is regarded as merely average four years from now.


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        I like day 1. Pettigrew will be awesome for Linehan/Stafford to paly with and Delmas is straight up a heat seeking missile.
        Day 2 started great with the trade to get more picks but Deandre Levy???? Looks like the will take an athletic, small OLB and turn him into our Mike ... not a fan. Brinkley or Mckillop were better suited or a DT.


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          I liked day 1.

          Stafford obviously everyone wanted and we desperately needed a potential franchise guy.

          Pettigrew, I wasn't happy at first but when thinking about it, his talent is definitely worth that pick, and does a number of things for our team. In line blocking is something we have been greatly missing. Pettigrew is supposedly a great blocker which will help our two tackles. Double teaming Jared Allen with Backus and Pettigrew I really like. Safety valve for Stafford. Trenches are helped and the passing/running game is helped. Assuming he pans out, if he doesn't we'll always wonder what if with Oher and Peria Jerry.

          Delmas is a good pick. I know we passed on Rey, but Delmas is multi dimensional help for this team. We stink in the secondary(Dwight Smith,Pearson,Alexander injured) so Delmas puts a pretty studly safety there. Also he's another really good tackler and should help in run support. So much bad tackling from the safety position last year turning decent runs into big gashing runs. So just like Pettigrew is multidimensional help in both pass and run, so is Delmas. For a team that needs tons of help, getting players that help in multiple areas is a good idea. This is more than a one year process. I think everyone knows this but doesn't think about this when analyzing draft picks. And 3 years from now is the true story on these picks.


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            I really like picking a Safety for the fact that at least to me I'm seeing other young safeties make an early impact. There is nothing like watching a WR catch a ball to get smoked by a safety or to stop running plays.


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              Horrible passing on some great players at positions of need but I like Pettigrew and Delmas alot so after the initial shock and polishing off a 30 rack im warming up from being pissed to ok with it so i wont vote.

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