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Mike Valenti (97.1) is ripping the Lions apart

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    Originally posted by Xiomera View Post
    I don't view the offense and defense as seperate entities.
    Thats because your smart and understand football.


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      Seems like a lot of hate on here for Oher, why? His only question mark is that he may or may not have a learning diasability, but he's a hard worker. All of those reports that he takes plays off and such are ridiculous. I remember they said the dame thing about Haloti Ngata (coming form the same source as well mind you). Yeah...

      However, I do think that Oher was not the way to go for the Lions. Backus isn't as bad as the media proclaims him to be, but all that hate should be focused on the LG position. 'm very surprised that the Lions didn't address it in the draft or FA. Who's going to be the starter?

      I don't get to listen to Valentini, but that guy who's the host of the Huge Show is a total douchebag. I wish Michigan had different radio hosts lol.


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        Brandon Pettigrew is by far the best blocking tight end I've seen since I started following the draft. The reason that he has such poor receiving stats, despite being an excellent receiver, is because he was so valuable as a blocker that Oklahoma State used him as a sixth offensive lineman. If you get a chance re-watch the Texas/Oklahoma State game. Pettigrew completely worked Orakpo the entire game. I don't care if he's a tight end, Pettigrew upgrades both our offensive line and our receiving corps.


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          If Daniel Loper is starting at LG for ya'll, then you should be fine. He was a swing OT for the Titans, but he saw more playing time at OG than at OT. He even started at RG for the Titans/Chargers Wild Card game in '07, and I thought he played very well - especially considering he has Eugene Amano starting next to him as Kevin Mawae's injury replacement. When the Titans lost Jacob Bell to FA and Benji Olsen to retirement at the end of the '07 season, I wasn't worried at all because they had Loper.

          You guys got yourself a very handy OL, and the Titans had to use a 4th RD pick on Troy Kropog to replace him. CB Eric King is another good one too. VoodooMonkey can attest that I was broken-hearted when I saw King signed with ya'll.
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          Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
          Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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            Yes I'm having more faith in Loper. I've been burned before on backups from other teams and free agent guards in Detroit, but I can take one more who played with a great Oline coach in Munchak and behind two studs at LT and LG for the Titans. Some work out or at least decent like DeWayne White who when healthy is a decent DE.

            I wouldn't take any guard left from Round 2 over Delmas at this point(Unger and LeVitre). Duke dropped like a rock as did Canfield. Mack and Wood were gone. So Loper it is. Round 3 guards, Vazguez(isn't that like a Manny Ramirez clone). Caldwell is a center and we're rolling with Raiola. Unger,Wood and Mack may all be more centers. Now we could have taken Oher and played him at LG and then he would eventually replace Backus but then we lack the safety valve and Pettigrews good blocking(who is just as important as a guard sometimes) and there may be some stud LTs next year better than Oher. Get Okung from Oklahoma State and match him with Pettigrew. They have chemistry already. We've had some pretty good success with Oklahoma State players. Pick 20, Barry number 20, its an omen lol.


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              I like what the Lions did, by drafting Pettigrew you just made Stafford and Johnson better, Delmas is going to be a good one. Realistically speaking you have 3 pro bowlers with your 1st 3 picks.

              Valenti is a mad man, i'm sure everyone remembers the infamous MSU vs Notre Dame rant from a couple of years ago. "Coach Smith your timeouts arent like cell phone minutes they dont carry over". Priceless.


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                I love how 97.1 spent the entire day fielding calls off the premise that Larry Foote was released and we should sign him.

                Reports now say he is still a Steeler and wasn't released. I think MLive was their source.

                Haha, double fail.
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                  arent these the same guys who ran the bandwagon after every Millen draft? Because if they are I don't know why we're taking them seriously.

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                    Originally posted by Addict View Post
                    arent these the same guys who ran the bandwagon after every Millen draft? Because if they are I don't know why we're taking them seriously.
                    Nah, they're cynics. I don't think that was them, at least not collectively.
                    R.I.P. L.E.F.
                    "I am the one who knocks!"


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                      That's the problem when you come from a city that is a cronic loser in a sport. The guys who cover the team ripe everything in sight because they have no experience with a winning organization and have lost all judgment of when it comes to their team. They wouldn't recognize a good draft if it hit them in the head. Something like 12 of the last 15 first overall picks in the draft have been QB's both by poor GM's and by excellent GM's, and not just by Detroit GM's. So I think it is safe to say that GM's at least agree that drafting a QB #1 overall is the soundest philosophy in the NFL, yet reporters think they know better, and go on and on about it like some kind of light went on in their brain when in fact they aren't much different from a frustrated fan.
                      I for one am glad the Detroit press is riping our draft, in all likelihood it probably means Mayhew got it right for once and the press and fans are just too stupid to realize it. For years they fawned over Millen's drafts and gave him A's and A+'s, they were dead wrong then and they are dead wrong now.
                      And proud of it!!!


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                        Originally posted by TitanHope View Post
                        Um, you guys have Jim Schwartz.

                        Does this Valenti fellow know this?
                        I am sig less (lol) ... but Imust say in ranking signatures, you have one of the sweetest one's I've ever seen! Great work TitanHope, I laugh every time I see it!



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