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Brian Calhoun released

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    Originally posted by Xiomera View Post
    I think Keith Smith could be decent for us. He was improving before the injury last year.
    We don't really need to be saving money. We still have money to spend.

    Yeah I liked him two years ago....:(


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      Originally posted by Xiomera View Post
      Yeah, I remember that story vaguely. I think someone shouted it out in the back of the room and Millen just rolled with it.

      I would really love to read that article again. Great stuff.


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        Originally posted by Maybe Next Year Millen2 View Post
        Saves 530 K.

        He is the epitomy of wasted Millen 3rd round picks. Thank goodness Kevin Smith and Avril did something. I guess its impossible to miss on every 3rd round pick in 8 years. Now they have to take the next step.

        Aaron Brown and Antone Smith did well in the rookie mini camp. Makes sense to get rid of Calhoun.
        Man, I forgot he was a 3rd round pick... aye aye aye....

        I like what I hear of Antoine Smith. He is officialy my "tryout guy to get excited for"


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          Originally posted by Maybe Next Year Millen2 View Post
          Keith Smith. He's making 2 million and not much of a special teamer. Is there a better 4th corner we could get for cheaper, I'm hoping King is the nickel and we find a 5th corner out of the undrafted guys.

          Ikaika, one last chance IMO.

          Stanton could be gone depending on the cheap vets out there? Stanton will get limited reps so a vet might be better.Culpepper or Stafford are the only 2 options to play obviously.

          Alexander is safe, although we'll see how he recovers from injury. Delmas will beat will be the starting FS and Bullocks the SS.

          Dizon its too early to completely give up on the guy. If he is outperformed by Follett and others fine, but don't cut him now. Maybe he has some use as a special teamer.
          Stanton is in his 2nd year if you let the IR year slide, and really he is 3rd on the depth chart. Let him live out his contract and die.

          I pretty much agree its to early to rule these guys (Dizon, Alexander, Ikaika) out especially since they were brewing in Marinelli's marinara of stanky defense last year. Let them compete and get pushed down the depth chart. They are still young and have something to prove maybe one or two will rise to be "something". But still its bad that we have so many damn 2nd round picks that could theoretically be gone from the NFL after 3 years.


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            Well another bites the dust... give it another season and 90% of Millen's picks will be purged from the team.

            Nobody expects the Schwartzish Inquisition, ay?

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