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    As we boat, beach, golf and vacation (or work?) our way through the “dog day’s” of summer void of any real football action (screw you Brett Favre, you headline hore!) I can not be alone out there as the only freak who craves any article sniffing around the topic of football? I eat up any news on training camp or signings in the NFL … you too, right? Ok good!

    So I recently came across an article on NBC’s PFT (still weird to type the NBC part). Said article was simply a signing status of 2009 NFL rookies by conference, by team. After viewing it and seeing how things shook out 90 days after the BIG event, something really stuck out to me. The Best teams draft the best! This is not a revelation to most of you … nor is it to me because these teams have a visionary leader in charge with a coach who knows what he wants to execute and a staff (including scouts) on board with the plan. Basically every man on the boat is rowing the same direction. Very important. But back to this article … it was more a list than anything, but it had ALL the drafted talent laid out there and it showed to me that the play-off teams from 2008 drafted the best in 2009 (imo)

    Couple things; 1) I know not 1 drafted player has yet to play a down in the NFL, so some of this is hear-say and 2) I am not a fan of placing a letter grade on a teams draft … but there is a good bet on the following: Oher, Kruger & Phillips are solid in Baltimore. Maclin, Mccoy & Ingram are weapons for McNabb in Philly the next couple years. Chung, Brace, Butler & Tate are all contributors in NE’s run for greatness. Nicks, Beckum, Beatty & Sintim are helping the G men win games in December. But seriously if I were to put a top 10 together from just name recognition and college production of these players drafted, 6 play-off teams are in the top 7 from this past draft: Titans, Ravens, Patriots (should return to play-offs this year), Eagles, Cardinals, Vikings, Giants followed by some solid “building” teams I liked such as the 49r’s, Bengals and yes the Lions round out my top 10. Stafford is growing on me boys!

    What amazes me is how the draft system is set up to allow bad teams the highest probability to get the “best” players every year with a favorable draw and yet seemingly the same few schleps stay at the bottom of the league/top of the draft. (Insert Millen jokes here) That said … I like the direction the Lion’s are heading without MM and all his “M” coaches. They have really purged this team of that talentless roster of under achievers Captain Mosticolli (Marinelli) brought in and have added NFL talent NOT tied to a certain system, in a short time. Hopefully they are on the up swing and all this leads to wins. Schwartz is saying/doing all the right things to be a 15 year guy to build around. Whether the Ford’s allow him that leash is yet to be scene. He lives and dies with Matt Stafford and I do think he learned well from Jeff Fisher’s mentoring in Tennessee! As Schwartz said last week the NFL stands for “Not For Long” … Just an observation leading into training camp this week on my favorite thing about the NFL, the draft and our favorite team the Dee-troit Lions!

    Oh 1 more thing on the draft … 4 teams shocked me. The Raiders & Cowboy’s drafts were just awful. (I guess Al Davis & Jerry Jones drafting should not shock) Also, The Saints and Jets had like 3 or 4 guys total drafted on each team and N.O.’s #4 pick was a punter? WTF?! This could be interesting for those 2 teams 4-5 years down the road when those numbers catch up to them.

    Okay enough ... Fore … it’s time to golf!

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    Didn't read all that, but I am pretty happy we got everyone signed already. Thats a big deal for a team coming off an 0-16 season with new coaches and everything.



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