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  • Thoughts on Matt's season? Pretty amazing overall.
    Originally posted by njx9
    i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


    • He's been greater than my wildest dreams. I was concerned about the hits that he was taking earlier in his career. I thought that although he had a shaky oline, it was mostly due to horrible presnap recognition by Stafford. Stafford has greatly improved in that area and at times has looked unstoppable due to knowing his matchups and executing the throws. I had a few issues with his accuracy in a couple games, but absolutely no complaints. His throws are a thing of beauty.

      421 Completions 663 Attempts 5,038 Yards 63.5% 7.60 YPA 41 TDs 16Ints 97.2 Rating 36 Sacks

      He led the league in Attempts(how about that for being injury prone?), 2nd in completions, 5th in completion %, 3rd in Yards, 3rd in TDs, 5th in Rating. The 36 sacks are high, but guess what? Aaron Rodgers had 36 sacks as well.

      In my mind the QB hierarchy at this moment goes Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Peyton at top in some order. I'd put Stafford and Eli in that next tier battling for 5th place. Stafford won that battle this year.

      As he continues to develop, I want to see his sack numbers drop to the 20s and the interceptions late in games to go away. 16 interceptions is still a very respectable number for leading the league in passing attempts. All the skills are there, its just polishing time. Stability on our coaching staff will enable him to challenge Aaron Rodgers and replace Manning/Brady in that top tier after a few more seasons.
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      • It's been a great year for stafford and everyone can breath a little easier when it comes to Stafford. The beauty of a true franchise QB is that he hides the flaws of the offense. One of the worst running games in the NFL and a average OL. Even if the lions gets blown at in the playoffs now you are more attractable to free agents and still have draft picks.



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