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    Originally posted by SINCE1978 View Post
    Denver (likely bound for the playoffs) dumped Jack Williams in favor of 35 year old CB Ty Law ... so great, another teams dirty laundry ;o)

    Waiver wire picks are for improving the bottom 1/3 of your roster (i.e. nickle package guys, special teams stand outs, 5th wide receivers, etc) NOT to find starters b/c you just benched the last 3. I don't fault Schwartz & Gun, they were dealt these cards and the talent is awful past 10 players deep. It's just frustrating but this is part of dealing with the Lions organization.

    Buchanon has been a bust. benched twice already after signing an 8 million dollar deal to be the #1 CB. We better draft some secondary talent. In a copy cat league teams will continue to pass all day on this secondary since it's the weak link on a weak D. Delmas needs help.
    The 3 corner acquisitions have been very disappointing I agree, well 4 if you count William James too. But no good corner wanted to come here. Buchanon just wanted one last chance to start and King knew Schwartz. King is on IR and Buchanon just needs to get better and he was never clearly a number 1. Jack Williams won't be a starter, he'll be a nickel guy. They are going to ride it out with Buchanon and James. Henry is too old and its better to try this Williams kid instead of Henry who is on a one year deal and won't be here next year. I would like to see more of Kevin Hobbs too. Just good they are holding people accountable in a very bad situation. Secondary help is a must I agree, don't know other than money how we will lure a decent corner in free agency. Round 2 or Round 3 corner will be a must too.


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      Like the accountability thing but superstars should NOT be exempt ... Peterson played rough the first 3 weeks and Stafford left his brain in the locker room at halftime in Seattle. Both have respectable backups in Levy & C Pep. Probably should have made the move for consistency sake ... I'm just say'n ;o)

      Yeah draft a CB & S for sure. Miami has 2 rookie starters @ CB and although Brady to Moss burned them once or twice last Sunday they looked pretty good and are solid for years to come at that position. Vontae Davis (Ill) & Shaun Smith (Utah) are who I am speaking of for those of you who may not know.

      It just takes 1 draft if the right guy is pulling the trigger.
      Darrell Stuckey S (2) Javier Arenas CB (3)
      Nate Allen S (2) Trevard Lindley CB (3)

      either scenario would instantly add youth, athleticism & play making in the secondary combined with Delmas ... whoo-ha, that is getting me excited baby .. .come on!!!

      1)Suh 2)Stuckey 3)Arenas = sick ...



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