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Thanksgiving: Packers vs. Lions

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    Originally posted by SINCE1978 View Post
    Culpepper is a bum. He has not been relevant in this league in 5 years. It really does not matter since he is dead man walking and won't be a Lion next year. Stanton will be the back up in 2010 (crazy he is considered the veteran now?) and they draft a rookie or bring in a probable undrafted guy like Dan Lefevour out of CMU as the Stafford understudy. Just my guess ...
    I'm thinking Mr. CMU will get drafted.

    And regarding Culpepper, I kinda wanted to see him play in the 3rd or 4th just because Stafford was playing with an injury. Didn't want to see him get injured further in a game we weren't going to win. Didn't know about any fits on the sideline. He has been pretty quiet up til now and signed with us last year only because he wanted to start somewhere. I gotta think he is boiling deep down. That said...there is a reason only the LIons would sign him.
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