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Pettigrew to have season ending knee surgery!

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  • Pettigrew to have season ending knee surgery!


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    I hope Pettigrew is fine, sure he will be.

    I like the coaches comments later on there about no second thoughts starting Stafford. I would have had second thoughts, at least maybe given Culpepper the second half. I'm not sure what the coach is trying to accomplish. If winning at all cost to end up 4-12 as opposed to 2-14 then i guess i get it but to me there is more to be gained with a higher pick.

    They seem to be using the David Carr model with Stafford (that worked). Let him get sacked a bunch with no offense line and make little attempt to run the ball. I dont get it but maybe it'll work out for them.


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      sucks, when I saw the play I thought he blew out something.


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        i definately thought they should have put daunte in the game in the 4th quarter. it would show stafford some accountability for his interceptions and give his body some rest. it was a learning experience for stafford, and charles woodson definitely gave him a clinic.
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          I was hoping Schwartz would put in Culpepper when we got the ball back just to kneel out the clock.

          Sucks about the Pettigrew thing though. Hopefully this doesn't linger throughout his career.



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