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    Backus actually played well on Thanksgiving other than the one sack at the end of the half. He's mediocre, he gives up sacks and some penalties but he actually doesn't give up that many Qb hurries. I usually rewatch the games focusing on just Oline and Dline. Its feast or famine with him. Given his age of 32 and salary of 8.5 million for 2010 and the fact that he is just mediocre, we should pull the trigger on Okung if he is there depending on the board of course. Or a good Round 2 LT if he is BPA. Okung alone doesn't fix this line, we still need a stud LG and Raiola/Peterman and Gosder just have to flat out play better for this Oline to improve. Qb makes a difference though, Stafford has been sacked 21 times in 9 games. Daunte/Stanton got sacked 12 times in 2 games. Staffords injuries were Gosders/Petermans fault and the shoulder was him running around just trying to make a play at the end of the game.


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      Is he a problem....Yes.

      Is he a problem that is worth adressing over a OG, CB, S, DT, DE, RB, WR......No.

      In the grand scheme of things there are much much bigger issues. I would say Gosders lack of improvement is a bigger concern as well. He's still playing like a rookie and getting beat constantly.

      "We got our Schwartz tangled"


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        Again I will say put a competent/consistent G next to the man, acquired through the draft, combined with a healthy Pettigrew(2 if's) and he could be functional at LT for 2010 imo.
        Backus has had approx. a dozen LG through the years ... heck 4-5 just this year in Loper, Gandy, Ramirez, my grandmother (oops).

        Get the LT next year in the draft.
        There are always 2-3 stud prospects ...
        We will be picking high again ...
        Get the DT, DE some G's this draft ...
        LT in 2011 and Backus probably calls it a career. He signed a 6 yr extension in 06 so technically 2012 is is last contract year ...



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