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    Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
    spell Peyton Manning correct it is his given name
    no no i spelled it pays to have Payton manning. No sir, I am not trying to cover up my mistakes.


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      As far as Suh goes, I was (and continue to be) of the opinion that Tampa had to take that game from the Jets yesterday in order for them to have a decent shot at finishing the season ahead of the Lions in the standings. As it stands now and barring a trade where the Lions could leapfrog the Bucs at the draft, I just don't see how we'll end up with Suh. McCoy/Berry/Okung will be in our wheelhouse.

      As for K. Smith, he was impressive yesterday. Improve the O-line and I think that we're fine with him. Of course, a power backj to compliment him would be great, but if we have to rely on him alone, I wouldn't sweat it too much. Iupati or Mike Williams would look really good in a Lions uni next year.

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        Went to the game and sat in the rain to watch that crap. So awful. Offense terrible, defense looked like last year in the running game department. So many holes on this team


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          Originally posted by EdReedUnstoppable View Post
          I don't understand why Schwartzy didn't give Stanton a chance, it was pretty ugly......the Ravens fan in me loved it, but the Lions fan in me cried with every Ravens score after we made it 20-3. And when Kevin Smith went down I just felt awful thats a guy that could play for my team anyday. He hasn't given up on his team and was playin great and then thats how karma repays!
          Word. I felt so bad for K Smith. Same goes for Calvin Johnson, dude is easily the best player on that team, and he was out there giving it his all for the whole game, but you could almost tell it was getting to him towards the end of the game.



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